Basket and Ball – Perform crazy acrobatic stunts

[Game] Basket and Ball

Basket and Ball  Tap the jump button to bounce the living ball as if you are dribbling it!

Use gamepad or virtual joystick controls to lead the stray ball to the basket! Perform crazy acrobatic stunts, test your throwing aim, and solve physics puzzles to complete levels! Use the time stopping bonus to get out of difficult situations. Convert yourself to stone to withstand nails, pump yourself up to jump higher, and even change gravity to reach impossible spots. Avoid robotic police and fire traps, jump over spikes, dive into water and propel yourself with explosions on 108 levels of intense fun! Watch out for the aliens in UFOs trying to abduct you for their evil experiments! Win funny achievements like Basketball MVP, Delinquent, or the Yogi. Compete with your friends on leaderboards in the star collecting challenge.

Basket & Ball offers two types of gameplay. The first one is a classical arcade mode with virtual joystick controls. You will have to show some agility and timing precision in order to successfully complete the levels. But to really stand out in the high score charts you will have to collect the stars scattered across the basketball court, often in places seemingly impossible to reach. Bonuses like air pump, gravity shift, or time stop will come in handy. Every 3 or so levels a different gameplay is offered. You will have to launch the ball with carefully chosen speed and direction like in many other basketball throwing games! These levels are called “shootout challenges”, and the basketball court will contain 3 stars to collect. The stars will be counted only if you deliver them into the basket. Collect all 3 stars and you win immediately. Otherwise, you must get at least one score out of 3 shots to pass the challenge.

Game features:

crazy ball-crobatic jumps!
solve physics puzzles
use amazing rule-changing bonuses
complete 108 challenging levels on basketball & streetball courts!
virtual joystick controls + gamepad and keyboard support!
Playable Offline!

Gamepad controls:
Joystick or arrow keys – go left and right.
A or C buttons – bounce down, launch the ball in shootout challenge, use time stopping bonus in shootout challenge.
X, Y or Z buttons – use time stopping bonus
B button – skip level preview, pause the game, navigate back in menus or quit the game from Main Menu

Keyboard controls:
Arrow keys – go left and right
Space key – bounce down or launch the ball, use time stopping in shootout challenge
Enter key – use time stop bonus
Escape – skip level previews, pause the game, navigate back in menus, or quit the game from Main Menu.

Basket and Ball user reviews :

This game is really cool but the hard levels not so much

Everything about this game is cool I love it the graphics and controls are amazing and I used to play this on my pc now I can play it on mobile when I’m bored and also the ads dont bug as much they hardly ever appear

Loved the game but the contros are asowme!!!!!!!! But the graphics are asowme!!!! The game is great loved it who ever made it should be some were if they are they should go ferther

Very good graphics and the controls are totally mind-blowing

Awesome experience learning how to use my fingers reflexes and timing it right.

Great content and spoller alert level 37 is hard Love this game definitely install it

Best game, It never stops where dose it end. And graphics amazing and controlls

This game is so amazing but once you get keep getting higher with your levels it’s starts to be hard like level 50

This game is so fun! When you need a break from the simulator games then this is the game for you

amazing game great gameplay. great time killer. this is the best game ever

You have very little control over the ball.

I love it the way the characters are designed

I love this game on my chromebook. Let’s hope it holds well on my phone too!

I love the game but I don’t know if there would be an update this year.

I love this game. It is a great game on the go whever you are.

this is like playing at school but its home and it’s like playing real basketball games and like playing fortnite but playing basketball in fortnite

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