Basketball Arena – Prepare for adrenaline-pumped moments

[Game] Basketball Arena

Basketball Arena  You’re very welcomed to challenge your friends on this brand-new basketball game, from the creators of Head Ball 2!

Explore a new way to challenge real players on this multiplayer Basketball game! Prepare for adrenaline-pumped moments!

Go for slam dunks, fire off long 3-point shots, use superpowers, win matches and earn cups! Dash and steal the ball from your opponent in head-to-head matches! Each point you score gets you closer to fill the ball basket and get valuable rewards!

Do your best, outscore your opponents! The more matches you win, the more chance you will have to unlock new characters! Enjoy playing in upgraded courts that will bring you glory and better prizes. Become a star player!

All in real-time with real players!
Challenge your friends by connecting your social media accounts!
Start with a small team and add new players as you advance.
Unlock new courts, characters and coaches.
Boost your superpowers.
Earn more cups and climb to the top of the leaderboard.
Fulfill daily missions to get the legendary characters and big rewards every day!
All free to play!

A network connection is required to play.

Basketball Arena user reviews :

Great game, love to play. I like the optional ads for bonus items, and there is advantages to paying money, but the pay to win becomes an issue with some of the player disabling super powers, like ones that freeze the players, making it literally impossible to do anything. I have also had a few issues with boxes claiming to my account, so sometimes I don’t receive them but overall good balance. Edit: the season pass is either overpriced or too short, I got sucked in and flew through in a day.

Hello, this is AGENT23. One thing you can make better is never match 2P vs 4P especially when the bot teams come (whose algorithm is insane). Upgraded players are fine but 2v4 is big disadvantage for player if they don’t have contracts. Also I think probability of scoring 3 pointer from distance is reduced. Can only score when I’m close to court half.

So far its a good game very fun but the game is to pay to win and sometimes feels rigged i go so mad that I spent 2 dollars on the game and I was wining more but then these people I play against are spending 100s of dollars and make the game un fair but I will admit if you play enough you will get better then the pay to wins who make money off of the game by being in the top of it to be honest I’m thinking about spending more money bc in fact I could make youtube videos and make alot more money

This game is good . But once you get to higher leagues alot of players use super powers which isn’t bad but it should let you know of the pay 2 win aspect of things . Also they ruined the games competivenes by making it easy to shoot 3s. They had an update where it was harder to make 3s. Which made the game more funner

It was a fun game but now it will not open. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it still will not open. Samsung Galaxy S20+ Update 1… Tried what was recommended and still not working… Update 2… Looks like game has been updated and is now working great. Fun game.
  • Masomo Gaming
  • Thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that the game does not work properly. You could try to clear the cache, restart the device and ensure that enough memory is available. We hope one of these works for you. If not, please contact us at
Game is asking for update whereas playstore shows none available. Not able to play at all. Got the update almost immediately after i posted this review. Still its nice to hear from the team. Thanks for another great game.
  • Masomo Gaming
  • Hi, thanks for taking the time to contact us. The update is live but it is taking a while to release the update to all devices. Please try to update the game again and update your review.

It’s great, really like the overall gameplay. Yet has some minor bugs and lags at times. Also support team is not that helpful.

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