Battery Lifespan Extender – Keep your battery in great condition for a long time

[App] Battery Lifespan Extender

Battery Lifespan Extender  Battery Lifespan Extender helps you to keep your battery in great condition for a long

Modern batteries don’t like extremes like high or low temperatures, as well
as discharging to 0% or charging up to 100% of their capacity. Our
app notifies you when your device starts to heat up or get cold to extend your battery
life. It also allows you to charge your battery partially to avoid deep discharging and
overcharging, and to radically prolong your battery lifespan.

Charging limits
Charging up to 100% or deep discharging down to 0% destroys your battery. If you
set “Max. limit“, you will be notified to unplug your device during charging. If you set
“Min. limit“ you will be notified to charge your device. Avoiding charging up to 100% or
down to 0% radically prolongs your battery lifespan.

Temperature protection
Modern batteries don’t like extreme temperatures like cold or hot. If you set “Max./Min. temperature“, you will be notified every-time your battery heats up or gets
cold. It will help you to keep your battery in appropriate temperature to prolong its

Lifespan prediction
According to our tests and battery characteristics from manufacturers we discovered
how much the temperature, overcharging and deep discharging can affect your
battery lifespan.

Battery info
Our app gives you an overview of the battery level and battery temperature over
time, as well as real time information about the battery health, voltage and
temperature. This information can help you to keep your battery in great condition.

Battery Lifespan Extender user reviews :

Sent two emails to developer trying to fix notification issues on Samsung s20. No reply. Doesn’t notify on s20 for overcharge threshold. Please fix high battery charge notification. Works only for low battery notification and temperature threshold.

Im giving 2 star bcz the option repeat doesnt work when mobile charged so i never able to find out if my phone charged or not bcz im away. Again im eduting this totally useless 1 star. The notification alarm is too low i cant even notice even if im around.

very nice application… i love it, it will be even better if the developer can add autocharge stop when it reaches the desired charging limits.

It’s Great. I’ve had it for about 6 months on my notepad, and have Liked it so much I’m Installing it on my Two Cellphones. Thanks so much. Also it has Never Bothered me at all with Any Advertising! Again, It’s Great!

Good. Just simple at minimal function is Limit charhing from 35% to 75%. No need Temperature notification

It is fantastic app it really saves battery a lot. Believe me download it. Who all are in search of battery saver apps download it. It is really good. Good job Dominik.

It does not work, does not fire any notification or alarm. It worked only once after installation.

It is really awesome is same app for pc also??? If it is not then please make it and send me a message. Thankss One problem i noticed is that sometimes you can say appx 1 out of 10 time it failed to alarm or say ring. But it can be neglected

Better lifespan battery form handphone and better knowing the lifespan charging battery handphone. tq.

Doesn’t work on my Pixel 5 when the “do not disturb at night” is turned on.

I like this app alot. It’s the best option for keeping your battery healthy. I’d give 5*s if I could do a little more tweaking of options to save battery life. But I have this with no ads & until I find a better battery app, which is hard because they all spam you with such ads as to make them intorotable. Great job devs. I don’t review much, so when I do it’s because it’s either bloody awful or worth having. This is the latter.

Great! I love notifications about battery temperature. One think you should add is timestamps on main chart. For example date, time or -3h, -24h.

Great app. But wish it could automatically prevent the phone from charging when the maximum charge limit is attained.

A phone’s battery is a very critical item, especially now that nearly every phone’s battery is not removable. Will Prouse on Youtube explains how important it is for RVers to extend their very expensive batteries with a battery management system (BMS). The default 80% max and 20% min defaults of this app will extend the life of your phone. This app only sounds an audible alarm instead of automatically turning off your charger, but it installed easily, unlike similar charge limiting apps.

Thanks for this app, dev! Hope it stays free to use. To the folks using this app who have the extra dough to spare, I suggest purchasing the IAP just to support the dev!

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