Battle Arena Heroes Adventure – Show off your battle talent and tactical thinking

[Game] Battle Arena Heroes Adventure

Battle Arena Heroes Adventure  Battle Arena Heroes Adventure is an incredible mix of best RPGs and MOBAs with action games elements.

Show off your battle talent and tactical thinking, build an invincible team of heroes, defeat other players in realtime PvP battles on arenas, and destroy hordes of enemies in exciting missions. Join the fantasy world of roleplaying and battling. Cooperate with other masters and contest in real time player vs player war of guilds.

Download the game for free and get ready for an RPG adventure!

Realtime PvP battles!
BAHA will let you challenge mobile game players from all over the world. Crush your enemies in the online hero battle arena and become the best of the best.
Control your team in multiplayer PvP battles and make your unique strategy even in defence. It isn’t enough to have powerful heroes to win this war – you also have to make the right decisions at the right moments.

Build your own team!
Choose from over 50 heroes: a merciless undead leader, a furious gnome berserk, the keeper of an elven forest, a menacing robot shooter from the future, and many more, they will remind you about your favourite characters from movies, books and games.
Combine heroes and build a balanced team. The improvement of your in game team equipment and training skill is the key to be a winner on online arena in that new roleplay game. Improve the quality of your gear or find another random one in chests invite a friend and win a battle to complete epic quests. Upgrade your magic warriors by winning legendary daily contest of champions or take part in defending your guild of heroes against epic boss. Find your own unique combination of heroes evolved to be a winner in every multiplayer battle. Battle monsters or shop heroes to improve your power rating.

Excellent graphics!
Over 60 amazing locations neverseen in other games. Your journey will take you through virgin elven forests, scorching orcish lands that were partly destroyed by guild wars, the mysterious city of Atlantis, and the cold cliffs of the gnomes. BAHA will guide you through the heroes adventure. Lots of heroes with gorgeously rendered abilities from a wide variety of universes that is so rare for MOBA role playing games. Heroes have all sorts of attacks so you can fight your enemies any way you want. There’s something for everyone: snowstorms, fireballs, poisoned arrows or missiles, blasters, and flashbangs! And it’s not only a game for boys because of pumping heroes and fantasy tactics, a lot of cute heroes are waiting too, anyone would like to set up a good team, level it up and charge heroes to battle!

Play the game with your friends for free!
Anywhere not only with wi fi connection.
Invite other players to enjoy playing mobile RPG and make a clan. Trade heroes and equipment with your friends.
Chat, share tactics, fight friendly cooperative skirmishes and all that in one mobile game.

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Battle Arena Heroes Adventure user reviews :

A bit too much pay to win, it’s pretty impossible to get a legendary hero, I just got to 180 out of 210 shards and it cost me over £50, I can’t afford the next 30 and there seems to be no way to get them without paying more, so that’s £50 wasted but it’s a good game.
  • Dear player, thanks for the feedback! At BAHA, we give players the ability to play the way they want! Some players like to gradually get heroes, while others want to get everything right away. Heroes from high arenas are stronger, but not so much that they can defeat any squad without enchantment! Each hero’s strong in its own way.
From my personal experience I can say that the game is really good. Mostly balanced heroes, easy gameplay, even “pay to play” is not necessary (but it make your way up a bit easier) to reach good results. But… The only thing that is not balanced is arena. Lvl 86 vs. lvl 110+ is not fair. Opponents by rank is not the way out, cuz 86 have pink heroes and 90+ have brown heroes that are much stronger. And enemy skills always work. I had few fights when my heroes was stunned for whole battle :(
  • Dear player, thank you! If you are faced incomprehensible situations in the arena, we will be very grateful if you contact support via avatar in the game immediately after the battle finish, so we compare the forces of the squads and give you recommendations. Thank you for being with us!
Greetings team BAHA, it’s a nice well crafted game. Really smooth gameplay unlike the other RPGs I’ve played. Very clean and precise, understandability is very good again unlike other RPGs games where we rack our brains no end to understand them. Nice character designs, sound and animation. Me and my partner play this along and we love it. Just a few things I’d personally like to see/have in the game: 1. My partner received better characters like Raijin (arena level 7) etc. from the deals above for cheaper whereas the deals I was getting were a bit expensive and lower arena level heroes from the deals that have been put up. 2. I’d like to see each hero’s abilities. Rest all seems good to me. Thanks.
  • Arjan, thank you so much! It’s great to see your into BAHA ;) We appreciate your opinion and remarks :) We continue to improve the game for you and every week we make an update ;) Stay with us to see the next one!
Love this game!! Came to change my review!! This game is so amazing and I just unlocked all the heroes.. Thank you devs!! I will continue to support BAHA
  • marco, we appreciate your feedback! Thank you! It’s great to see you are into the game and support us! :) We continue to make the game better for you! Hope you enjoy the next update with new hero! :) Good luck at the arena! :)

Last Update :

Dear friends!
We aim to improve and optimize our game.
In this update, we have fixed some minor bugs and improved the game’s performance.
See you in the Arena!

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