Battle Night – This city is one that lives outside the law

[Game] Battle Night – Cyberpunk-Idle RPG

Battle Night  It is the year 2077, the end of the century is near, the great alliances of the world are in a great cold war with each other, while neon lights flash around the borders city under the thick fog, but the people of the city are still unaware of the situation.

This city is one that lives outside the law, and is far from all countries, and has gradually become a battleground for all camps. Conflict between advanced technology and the decadent civilizations has become irreversible, and Cyberpunk has finally opened his curtains after long nights.

It was around this time on one of the street corners in a little humble detective agency, a sharp and keen detective sensed a change in the air, he quickly needed to round up a team to go and search out the hidden scheme that was in the making…


Idle system
Idle gameplay with high immersion, set your heroes training while you’re away, relaxing and laid back.
Cyber Sensation
Well-developed maps, futuristic streets and dazzling night scene, making a great science fiction feeling.
Elite BOSS
Decline robot repeated battles, every BOSS was innovated for creating a top game experience.
Hero Skills Tree
Heroes will never be the same, newly innovated gameplay, more custom-making features, allowing you to make a unique formation.
Ample Challenge Mode
Main Maps, Arena PK, Hero Expedition, Core Adventure, and much more to keep you excited!

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Battle Night user reviews :

I love this game, great astetic. Easy to get into and doesn’t beg for your cash every 12 seconds. Absolutely awesome. There are points where you can get a bit stuck but all it takes is to step away for a day and wait until tomorrow usually and you’re good to go! I adore this game, no joke! 5 stars for me personally.

The graphics for this game are amazing. But thats about all I like about it. Not anywhere near and “idle” game as you need to constantly play to get anything. The only thing “idle” about it is that during a battle it does the attacking for you. I constantly have connection issues with the server and its not on my end. The help/support is non-existent so don’t bother.

Been playing since about end of January. Great game overall, but if you don’t play “the right way” from the beginning, you’ll struggle with certain resources and level ups you could’ve had ages ago. Be really careful how you spend things and extra careful on what heros you use for “food” to level up other characters. The microtransactions are a attrociously priced for what they give you too. Tweak the RNG rates in the players favor with purple hires and more gold gear suit drops and its 5*

Its almost a 5 star game but there is 1 problem. One is that there isn’t a way to lock, or protect, your heroes from accidentally selling them. I lost one of my characters due to that reason. Other than that. Good game

This game has an amazing graphics and addicting combat system. Lose 1 star regarding the cost such as the premium pass and the Obsidian Bronze Order are to expensive. I leave the Battle Night discord because some of the players are not that helpful just make fun of you, rude and ignoring you if you asked for help.

Paid money for vip 1. Have 25 points. It says im vip 1. Did not get any vip 1 bonus stuff ???. No extra anything. I just started to actualy spend money on this stupid game and they fuxk me over the first trasnaction. Only a few games do this on a regular basis and i dont think its an accident. Shady. I want to spend money but dont want to be a waste. Too bad , i really like the game.

Please Fix the Tutorial Requirement, especially for returning players who may have deleted the game or moved to another device. It’s a pain of having to redo it every time. Unfortunately until this is fixed I have to give the game 1 star even though I play it every day and enjoy it.

Seems okay but abit of a learning curve for sure.. I suggest that newbies not spend their resources too freely until they take the time to figure things out..

It’s pretty lit. A little idle play and some time dedication can level you up fast. F2P is pretty nice in this game. Thanks devs.

Good graphics and design, but this is neither a casual nor idle game; it relies a lot on developing strategies for upgrading characters and managing limited resources. As stated in other reviews, the draw rate for heroes isn’t very good, while the benefits of having duplicates are frankly not worth it. I’ve played for about an hour, I’m at level 22 + chapter 4, and the progress is already becoming tedious and disappointing with very little to show for the effort. The devs have some stuff to fix.

Beautiful graphics and art. Having fun so far only criticism is not much to do after doing your daily’s. I know other people have complained about not being able to progress without spending money but I personally haven’t spent anything yet and have 4 gold characters. My tip save your resources for their corresponding events and do the special cases. I would recommend downloading and giving it a go.

Latest Update :

1. Opened Arcade Event + Dawn Commission Event.
2. Fixed some Bugs.

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