Battleship and Puzzles – Make your strategy to match hundreds of warships

[Game] Battleship and Puzzles – Warship Empire

Battleship and Puzzles  Battleship and Puzzles is a completely new RPG naval battle game with fresh experience, combing match-3 and naval battle features with thrilling PVP duels, and allowing you to forge a strong naval empire and dominate the naval battle.

Make your strategy to match hundreds of warships, submarines and carriers, and build a powerful fleet to challenge other elite players worldwide. For the glory of the empire and guarding our waters, hurry up to join the battle NOW!


Battle-Send your fleet to launch destructive attack by making match-3
Build-Rebuild a powerful navy base and establish your naval empire
Collect-Recruit hundreds of warships, submarines, carriers and naval commanders to build your fleet
Upgrade-Upgrade your base and warships to boost your power and rule the sea
PVP-Thrilling PVP duels with global players

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Battleship and Puzzles user reviews :

The PVP mode is not ranking correctly they match you against overpowered players and lower ranking players with one or two star ships easily beat your four or five star ships. And the customer service doesnt even answer or help in any kind of way better off playing candy crush!

So far its been a pretty decent game by far my biggest complaint is when you spend real world cash to purchase better ships and subs only to get shorthanded by whatever random dispensing algorithim is at play. But also when youre in the middle of a war battle as i was shortly before searching to address my issue, its very unfair to the player when the game boots you off the app resulting in an automatic loss of medals, battle energy, and the like. Im not tryna spend real cash and lose out twice.

I rated a 4 star on here when I downloaded this game earlier. Good game i say. But now, I rated down to 2 because it doesn’t let you get rid of or destroy a building that you don’t want. I hit it on accident because everytime i tab a building, it moves to a weird angle. I didn’t want another factory just yet. But somehow, I couldn’t find an option to get rid of the factory. I asked on chat, they said that you can’t, only relocate. Now I’m sad….
  • Strategy Gamez
  • Dear player, please kindly understand that at last, every player will build the same amount and same buildings. Hope you can be clear and you do not need to remove some. Hope you can be clear.
I am very dissapointed with this game. It seems the only way to advance is to spend money!! That isnt cool. I have been playing this game for over 65 days now and i can see an unfair patern involved here. Eveytime i level up near ensign rank (1200) i keep getting knocked back down. I realize that u made the game in order to make some money. But everyone cannot afford to buy extra stuff!!! I guess i will have to find another game that isnt so unfair UNLESS u BUY something. Or be satisfied as sgt
  • Strategy Gamez
  • Dear friend, we are sorry for your unpleasant feelings in the game. Meanwhile, we will report your feedback to our team. Have a nice day
Love the game and my concerns were addressed right away via fb page well done guys keep up the brilliant work, pls could dev team address minor bugs whilst in legion chat my phone whent into hibernate when i returned i had to close game as it froze aswell as my wife was in a video for the item drop and her screen went black also had to restart. Thanx guys keep it up, great game 5* all the way
  • Strategy Gamez
  • Hi, and thanks for your support. Have a nice day!
I love this game. Happy to support it. This is just constructive criticism to help make it even better. 1) The English in the game generally needs improvement. Poor grammar that can easily be fixed. 2) The sound effects are spectacular, but the attack lines are wrong. You launch an attack and the ship says “taking fire” and “ready for action”? Really? Not to mention those sound effects are identical to those used in other games, which is bad. 3) The maps in the quest section are just strange.
  • Strategy Gamez
  • Nice to receive your feedback here. And we will try our best to do improvements in this game to bring your better game experience. Thanks!

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