Battlevoid – You are in command of the best defense humans have left

[Game] Battlevoid – First Contact

Battlevoid  Take command of a space station in this free real-time (RTS) sci-fi strategy game with roguelike features!

The year is 2259. The place of the game is a Battlestation.

Commander! We’ve got something coming through the jump gate, signature and silhouette unknown. Recommend sending fighter squad delta to intercept. – Eden, the artificial intelligence of Battlestation.

Reinforcements have arrived Commander! – Admiral Geezer

Battlevoid: First Contact is a free real-time (RTS) space strategy game with roguelike game play features. Set in a universe, where 3 other species and an unknown threat are nearby, you are in command of the best defense humans have left. Take command of the space station named Battlestation, build your own weapons and fleet, research new technology and order reinforcement starships. Your every decision will culminate into one epic last battle, where your swift decisions will decide if a human colony is saved. Unlike any other tower defence game out there!

Battle Wave after wave of incoming threats
Epic boss fights that leave you shaking
Research and upgrade your Battlestation
Roguelike game play features, every game is different with random elements!
Stunning graphics and smooth game play

Battlevoid user reviews :

Good, but like the classic version, it requires the player to pay in order to access other levels, which is pretty fair, BUT the endless mode should at least he unlockable by winning the non-endless mode of level 1. That at least. Earning with your game is fair and just, but grant us the endless mode for free. :( Applies to First contact, and Classic. Other than that, it’s superb and great.

It’s pretty hard at first but once you know the right tactics , you’ll be able to proceed smoothly through the levels. Though I must say, this game ain’t really newbie friendly. Also I encountered a bug where the battleship is almost as fast as the fighter and I can’t summon more fleet ships because of it. Overall experience, it is fun. Would play again

Like this, but it’s extremely hard, and becomes really easy once you figure the way to do it, problem here is that means there’s pretty much a single way to play against each enemy type, and if you play your way you will lose every time. This unfortunately means it can be boring. The newer versions are better.

ONLY first episode is free

Well done. I get much further if I have fighters playing offense. Swarms of them. Level 56 is my best on the 1st Alien horde. The expansion is nice. Mixes things up, change of strategy. Plasma is a game changer. I can’t put this game down, damn you I have responsibilities.

The game is unbalanced for me. The wave timer is to fast and you don’t even get a chance to prepare if you are a new player. Not to mention there were no tutorial either, took me several play before I finally understand few of them. My point is, the wave is to fast. I suggest that we player can choose to activate the wave on our own or at least make it longer. Maybe if the wave os longer, we player might enjoy it.

its complexity has its ups and downs but im most annoyed by the choice of a crew, differentiating from the classic i can see this working in more ways than one, but the overall management of more things than one, as adding specifications to which crew members go where can be as realistic as it is, takes the fun out of it, made me lose interest usually for its consistent lingering and lack of proper depth and info, same issue with the classic, lacks a good tutorial.

so the game good it’s just that the first episode is way to hard and i can’t even beat it, i was trying to capture one of there ships but every single bot or enemy ships start attacking my capture party and the party gets bug by some drones (saying drones because the first episode may have drones you fight) but anyways i like the game, next time try making more easier for everyone.

i really like this game however the enemies become too numerous before you can properly gear up and it costs alot to buy a new weapon while you bearly make any money. also the research is random sure its fine but if you do not get the gatline or the missle(?) at the start from reasearch you will probably die soon. also the miniships are useless since they die fast while the reinforcements cost alot but you are broke. so its super hard to play. cant get paste lvl 15 on EASY on the first story(?)

Really good and challenging game. Why 3 well for obvious reasons to pay to proceed is dumb, doesnt really intrest people to pay, a way to make income more faster more ship types would make the game great.

3 out of 5 because 75% of content is locked till you buy other then that great game . Having all my ships kick smack like that.

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Fixed Ship scrolling bug

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