[Game] BBGEO – Brick Breaker Geometry

BBGEOHelp Ali stop the space geometry asteroids from reaching Earth in this addictive retro brick breaker style game BBGEO.

Swipe down and aim to unleash balls and destroy the shapes coming down. Each turn brings forth a new wave of bricks and with it, a chance to increase your ball stack to help you ward off the geometric asteroids.

Game Features:
Unlock over 35 balls, including some fire balls and an Epic Ball
Challenge your friends with Google Play Games support
Easy and fun to play
Retro look and feel
Vibrant colors
Similar gameplay as BBTAN

Ali’s name is pronounced “Ollie” and he gets very upset when people call him the same name as the boxing great. Though he absolutely hates being confused for the legend, he does consider himself to be the greatest. He graduated from high school as salutatorian, but he knew the valedictorian cheated so he would have been at the top if everyone was being fair. He had the opportunity to report the cheating, but chose to keep the secret to himself. He was nice guy. In College he didn’t try, but when he did he got A’s every time.

Numbers had always fascinated Ali, especially multiples of 7. Some said it was the number of perfection, and he agreed. Exactly 7 years after he graduated high school he was on his first mission in space. He was schedule to orbit the moon for 14 days, specifically studying how the dark side and its craters were changing over time. Houston had informed him that they started noticing new craters that indicated impacts from objects that were large enough to be a threat to Earth, yet, somehow they had failed to detect any abnormal comets or asteroids impacting with the moon. All they had detected was the aftermath. It was possible their machines had malfunctioned during the occurrences, but it was his job to confirm or deny what was happening.

He studied and crunched the numbers and came to a terrifying conclusion. The craters followed a pattern. The impacts occurred at one week intervals, and started on the far right of the moon. Since the first impact, they had incrementally walked toward the other edge. The last object to have struck the moon had barely even made contact, taking a chunk of the moon’s side out.

The chance of random asteroid impacts happening at that exact spread of time and in that exact direction was a decimal number so infinitesimal it would take multiple breaths to finish saying. The only logical conclusion was that the Earth was under attack! Who was attacking was yet to be determined, but someone or something was definitely hurling asteroids at Earth.

Even as he was thinking of who could be attacking Earth, an asteroid that blotted out the sun rolled toward Earth and he gazed out his window. As it passed it vibrated his space craft and even rumbled the moon a little. He instantly shot out from orbit and passed the giant rock, hailing Houston as he went.

“Houston, we have a problem. An asteroid with a circumference of at least 49,000 feet is rocketing toward Earth.”
“Copy that. We have the capability to break the asteroid into smaller fragments, but each fragment will still be big enough to cause damage to the surface. You’re the only one close enough be of any help. We’ll need you to push the fragments together so that they can be destroyed. Your ship is armed with the technology, but it will be all up to your skills! You have to fit the fragment shapes together perfectly or everyone on Earth is in danger!

Ali was never one to back down from a challenge.

BBGEO user reviews :

So much fun! Developers did a great job with this game as I’m totally addicted!

Unexpectedly good! Was unconvinced when I downloaded it but now can’t stop playing!

Lovely I love this game.

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Video :

Source : Download BBGEO from Play Store

Thanks to Luz from Twopro Productions for sharing BBGEO

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