Beach Homes Design – A young bright designer

[Game] Beach Homes Design – Miss Robins Home Designs

Beach Homes Design  Design beautiful beach homes in bright and sunny places and solve hundreds of fun match 3 puzzles in a light and fun match 3 home makeover game.

Meet Miss Robins, a young bright designer, and help design the decor and furniture to renovate beautiful houses.

Hone your design skills by designing the home decor and furniture.
Match candy and create power-ups
Lot’s of match-3 levels to enjoy
Light and Fun Gameplay

Download FREE with optional in-game items for purchase. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

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Beach Homes Design user reviews :

Great game and nice choices to decorate. Some levels are super hard and at one point I almost uninstalled it. I kept with it and I did beat the nightmare levels without spending money. I was annoyed that the stars increased with every room but when you come to to kitchen it’s come down to one star again. I have now run out of rooms to decorate! Is there any plans for more soon?? Game have great potential but not quite there yet.

I really enjoyed this game. However, It will not allow me to pass the bathroom. The coin count is right over the design star I need to drag to pick the wall color. I have emailed the developer with no response. I also have uninstalled the app, but of course that brought me back to where I left off when I downloaded it again. Did anyone have this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it? This is very frustrating since I enjoy the game. Thanks.

I really like this game. The decor is nice. I like playing games for enjoyment and relaxation, not to challenge my skills in a match 3 game. As many have said before me, there aren’t enough boosters or moves and to me they need more powerful boosters. I actually don’t mind watching a commercial to get more moves and boosters. I really wanted to finish this game but just can’t get past level 47

I *love* this game! The actual “match 3” part not only checks all the boxes as far as game play goes, but it also manages to increase the challenge & introduce new aspects without making the game more frustration than fun. There’re currently only 4 rooms to decorate but the levels keep going and I’m still playing em and loving it! Can’t wait for more rooms to be added!

This is a really fun game. I’m enjoying playing it. I like that there is no big finger pointing to everything all the time, which gets annoying. There are alot of good items to choose from to decorate the room. There is also no pop ups to buy things and no ads. The games are getting harder but are not impossible to pass. I’m looking forward to doing the next room.

I enjoy this game very much,do wish their were a daily log in bonus or watch an ad for boosters. I also seen below that there is only 4 rooms to decorate using the stars you receive from completing levels,if this is true then I will be deleting this game bc I don’t want to play levels and not be able to decorate..thank you,this game is great other than that!

I have just completed the kitchen and there is no more rooms, is that it or are there more rooms to come, i love this game, there are great options for decorating that arent over the top, you can pick a design and colours that match well, im hoping theres more to come. I now have 32 stars but no rooms to decorate when is this coming and why hasn’t the app makers responded to the reviews

I absolutely loved this game! Everything about it was wonderful! I had to deduct one star though, sadly, because there are only 4 rooms to remodel using your stars that you earn playing the puzzle levels! There are still levels to play, but nothing to spend my stars on! That left me feeling very disappointed!

Responding to Anita ,in your post you are complaining about the game. I don’t know what the problem is ,but it is very beatable because I just now beat the game. Didn’t take but a couple weeks ,not even playing every day. To the developers, loved playing and now that i beat it,,I’m hoping you will add more levels. I’m keeping it installed just in case more levels are added. Thank you for a great game

This game is so easy and relaxing to play. The graphics are really cute. Even the hard levels are easy. Hats off to whom ever invented this game him or her should get a noble prize for the best game ever. If I could rate this game one million stars I would. Back to decorating

Fantastic game !! I have looked at all other match and design games. This is number 1 !!! Graphics are amazing. The decor is so pretty…the music is nice. 10 starz to the developers.. great job and keep up the outstanding work!! Luv luv luv smooth gameplay

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