Beach War – The large-scale airstrikes

[Game] Beach War – Fight For Survival

Beach War  Beach War is the First Person Shooter (FPS) game.

In the game, players will have to single-handedly fight back the tanks, airplanes, and countless armed soldiers.

Weapons range from 50 mm machine guns to missiles heat
The large-scale airstrikes
Motion in a true physical
Force attacked at night with the support of lights and flares
Photos troops are meticulously designed more
The actions of true soldiers and “intelligent” more
You will receive support strikes from bombers B58
Weapons reality (M60 machine guns, 75 mm AT, Gattling …)
System of enemy weapons including tanks MB78, Fuchs APC with turrets and missile launchers, Cobra attack helicopters, CH53 Shercoskys, F101 jet and transport aircraft C-130 Hercules …
· Visual effects and more realistic sound

In the game, players are tasked entrenched in the previous one rushing attack of the enemy. You’ll have to kill many enemy types including infantry, heavy tanks, aircraft equipped with missiles …. Initially, the enemy will appear sparse but gradually crowded and more difficult task in later stages. Even in some of the battles, enemies will come at you shoot east NEVER-ENDING.

Compared with the version of Beach War, Beach War for phone depth of content and more weapons to choose from. The fight takes place not only during the day but also at night, creating new experiences for players. In this screen, flares and lights (searchlights, night flares) are indispensable items. If not deft balance between the number of weapons equipped than the amount enemy, players will be hard to resist. Also, you should pay attention shoot enemy supplies drop from a plane.
Gameplay is calculated as real time, every day a mission. Sometimes you have to fight the enemy in the dark or at night can also combat the scorching sun at noon.

Beach War is considered a great upgrade version of game destroying tanks Beach War with improvements in mission, weapons, technical movements … Despite physical shortcomings but Beach War is still a shooter or action game, due to the people who love this genre try.

Advantages of the game Beach Defense:
Adding new weapons
Add tasks at night
Al smarter enemy
Capacity Light

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Beach War user reviews :

This is a great game with good graphics. The major problem is it doesn’t always give you the money for completing a level, it even let’s you watch commercials promising to double your winnings and gives you nothing. Also, aerial enemies have a tendency to disappear into thin air when you’re shooting at them and reappear behind you. And finally, my favorite, when you get to advanced stages it takes more shots to kill the soldiers than to take down a plane . Fix the glitches I’ll give 5 stars

No idea what developers are thinking these days when they put these games out but they missed the very basics such as having a “pause” in the game which is not existent here. So if you have something to do at the moment you can’t just hit pause. You must either be destroyed OR close the game all together. I just downloaded this game 10 minutes ago so God only knows what else I’m going to discover being the very basics haven’t even been met. Will update soon

I’ve played this game on PC almost over 20 years ago, an I was surprise to see it in new design for the mobile. Finish it for couple of days. No pay to win but so many advertising for upgrading, it’s anoying. Have few bugs, every day when I logged, it was my first day, money I have earned in battles dissapear, earned 120k but get some 14-15k. When I finish the mission 3/3 later or tomorrow is 1/3 or 2/3. Not to much missions. What is the next level after completing all missions? Quests or?

First 15 minutes today easy user friendly controls kicking butt having fun .easy to install .played all or most of the free FPS apps .the main problem I run into is mid-way through a round it will lose connection to the server ,so I lose any points I may have earned and for that period I waste my data so far this platform has not done that bravo good job .thx

The graphics are acceptable, but could be better, as well as sound effects. Could use more realistic sounding sound effects. I swear, I aim right at the enemy but it requires a direct hit in the center of the body, otherwise the enemy cannot be killed. There are other FPS turret games that are much better.

It reminds me of my childhood PC games we used to cherish playing. It used to be our Top ranking game when there was little to experience around. I would suggest you to add that anti aircraft 12.5 mm double barrel weapon which we used to sweep the enemy on land and sky. Overall nice except for it crashes down in Petrogaus stage from round 2 to 3. Please look into that

This is a pretty good game! Not many ads, just a few, and also, pretty easy to learn how the controls and everything works. I only have one complaint. After 2 levels, I watched and ad, then, the game crashed.

Latest Update :

Feature Change avatar and avatar frame,
Chat and friend connection feature revised,
Fix screen scenario more attractive,
The in-game reward effect has many improvements,
Added Starter Pack for new players,
Add and replace images of bullets for Bazooka guns,
Replace some UI in the game: Loading screen, Leaderboard, Chat, Mail, Daily gift, Edit information.
Some new features added: more intuitive bullet display feature
Fixed Crash and other bugs of version 0.0.9

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