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[Game] Beat Fire

Beat Fire  Beat Fire creates a music feast suitable for YOU.

Play it at home to release stress – with 10 million players around the world!

You can find worldwide Epic masterpieces, such as Faded by Alan Walker, Alone by Marshmello … and more popular songs! Enjoy the beautiful melody, relax your soul with this EDM music game!

Try this great time killer now. Let BeatFire make your day!

How to play:

Tiles fall with EDM music.
Use your finger to control aiming and smash tiles.
Try not to miss any tiles to keep the game going.
Enjoy addictive challenges and EDM beats designed for each song.

Game Features:
Amounts of songs to satisfy different tastes! Enjoy the DJ and Hop music, relax in epic music!
Background color change brings you a new experience every plays!
One-tap control, easy to play.
10+ cool Skins and Weapons to choose from.️
Beat Fire – EDM Music with Gun Sounds is easy to play! Simple one-touch gameplay will keep you entertained for hours! Play this EDM music game now!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime at adaricmusic[at]

Beat Fire user reviews :

Love it, please add pumped up kicks. I’m lazy to write the other songs, but thankfully someone wrote a list of it already. Re-played the game, I remember when there was lag so it made me miss blocks and have less hearts which is unfair. I don’t know how and why. And whenever I get a star it makes like, a huge explosion which is distracting. Sometimes when I’m about to get the last blocks, the explosion comes before I can get those, and all I see are coins meaning it’s the end. Sometimes scary.

The game is made in a fun way where you kind of have to focus and relax at the same time to get it right and have fun at the same time. I like the challenge. The target doesn’t follow your finger directly, unlike most games, so it helps with coordination. I love the colored backgrounds and how they change during the song. It sounds good with and without earbuds, let’s you listen to music on the home screen while picking a song, and you don’t have to pay money to play a lot of these songs.

This game is good and relaxing, but it needs more music/songs to it I recommend: Battle Scars, Savage Love, Dance Monkey, Handclap, Closer, Something Just Like This, Shape of You, Animals (Maroon 5), Fight Back, Invincible, Vibe with Me (Joamik), Megalovania, Freakshow, Fearless, Love Story, Last Christmas, Bad Guy, Coffin Dance Astronomia, NGGYU (Rick Astley), All Stars, Careless Whisper, Thriller, Attention, Dynamite (BTS) alright! Thats all I want to be added, Have a good day Dev!

I guess the game went a little boring since I’ve had it for so long. But I got a new phone and downloaded it again. Its really fun especially if your a person who wants to exercise their fingers while listening to some awesome beats and songs. But like all games. It will eventually get boring. But everything’s excellent. Except to many ads

This is a good game but the reason i am rating this one star is because of the ads and glitch in this game.First, you get too many ads and all of them are like forty seconds until you can exit them. 2nd Edit:How about you have different abilities when you have different guns, maybe even power ups that you can collect in chests.Well thats all from me and this is a great game with insane potential.
  • Adaric Music
  • Hi Jaden, so gald to receive your reply. That really inspires us a lot. We will consider designing some sepical abiities to the weapons. And we will improve the ads and make them less annoying. Thanks and Have a good day

The music Rocks! I love the features and the graphics are smooth. The reason I gave this just 4 stars is because downloading a song is ‘slow’. But the game is overall amazing. You can also adjust the song whether you like it easy, hard, expert or endless. I so love the Songs and beat.

It is a great and enjoyable game, I love playing it but may I suggest to add more EDM songs and add more Alan Walker songs because there’s only one song of Alan Walker here… Other than that it’s fun and great to play. Love it!

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