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[Game] Beat Stomper

Beat Stomper  Beat Stomper is an action arcade game, simple one – button control with endless fun!
Jump, Hold, Stomp.
It is born for you, and you are born for it.
What are you waiting for?

Hi, this is Rocky Hong, developer of Beat Stomper, also the co-founder of Macaca Games Inc. We’re merging the account with my old Account, so that’s why the developer name is changed, but I’m still me! Thank you guys for supporting my game! :D

Beat Stomper user reviews :

Excellent game all around. Intuitive mechanics, great controls, perfect music, and the creator’s name vaguely sounds like Donkey Kong when you start up the game. In all seriousness, the only thing I didn’t like was the vocalizations while jumping, and there’s already an option to turn that off! It even leaves on the boost and game over vocalizations, too, so that’s great. I’ve wasted far too much battery life on this game, great job.

This game is the BEST!! I’ve played this game for a while and I feel like it understands the mobile gaming community as it barely has any ads and when it does It rewards you with something, also gameplay-wise it’s super addictive and fun especially with headphones, easily one of the BEST mobile games out there.

Since I finished completing all the challenges, I ought to make a review. Gotta say it was top notch Rhythm Beat Game. Everything was great and really addictive and sometimes frustrating. Maybe add more songs??. Anyway keep up the good work! 10/10

Just AWESOME! This is probably my favorite game. Almost no ads and great songs and graphics. I already finished the game but i still play it, but it would be very nice if you add more songs. Keep up good work devs

Probably my favourite game ever, I thought it would be a bit like geometry dash but boy I was wrong, it has well better graphics and better gameplay. I also love how if you complete all the music you get no ads for Free. I’ve only got one more achievement left but I’m still going to play this game for ages even after I’ve finishined the achievements. If I could rate this game it would be A solid 10/10 from me. Thank you for making this game!!!

Fun game. Good music. Great colors. However none of my challenges have registered except for one.

I really like the game also good graphics i always play this game because its so good the songs really make beat also can you add more songs to make the game more like cool its ok if you dont want to

Ahhhhh da perfect game…the graphics…the songs….all PERFECT! The perfect game to me! Thank u very much for making da game!!! Welp its a bit hard to me..but it is the nicest game ever!!!

Great game, it keeps you engaged with the great esthetics and great music. One great thing about the developer is how he removed ads when you get all the trophies! The game is addicting and the graphics are amazing since the game is a neon cube game.

It’s a very fun game, and the good thing is there isn’t a lot of ads! It’s only a few! I think the down side to it is that the music is not as good, as I would’ve expected it to be, and I think they should be able to make an option to have your own music in there!! Overall it’s a pretty good game and the little block you play as is adorable! (But that’s because I love derpy things :P) It’s interesting and very fun to play, you can take it to go and play it anywhere! It’s a great game

What can I say, it’s a good game. It’s got great graphics, music, and very simplistic controls. The only problem that could ever come up is the ads, but it pays you right back with an ad bonus. I just think you could possibly add more songs, and possibly, if you’re willing enough, an option to turn off ads and remove the ad bonus. It just seems a bit unfair sometimes. Thanks for reading my feedback!

This is by far the best game you can play It haa a great replay value and an awesome techno music . I dont think any other game like this has this kind of music as a background teack that you can feel hyped up with to try and play a new game. You’ll want to try this game out, trust me. It’s worth the download and keeping it on your phone.

It is perfect! its not overly complicated and the songs are great! Its a simple music game and you don’t see to much of those. I also really love that when ad pops up in your face you get a bonus wich is extremely nice. I like that in order to unlock the other songs you complete these challenges wich gives you a reason to play. Its an amazing game and i rate it 5 Stars!! It would be nice to have a new song to unlock every once in a while and be able to customize your blocck. Overall its perfect!

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