Beatronome – Easily create and study your own rhythms

[App] Beatronome

Beatronome   A free and easy to use, feature-rich, programmable metronome and interactive rhythm trainer app with smart visualization for both, beginners and professional musicians.

It’s designed to make practising rhythm and keeping tempo easy.

Easily create and study your own rhythms

Start quickly by selecting one of 15 subdivisions
Select time signature/number of beats
Touch to select the visualized beats
Change the rhythm by creating accents or rests
Playfully study even complex rhythms
Edit everything live, while the metronome is looping

Save your beats to practice them

Save beats to your collection
Browse them quickly
Preview every rhythm in real music notation
Load beats to edit them
Beginner friendly tool to study music notation
Hint: Hold your phone in landscape to get the most out of this feature

Improve your timing and speed in Practice Mode

Program the metronome to vary tempo over time
Set repetitions and tempo steps
Organize and save your practice sets in sessions
View and play tempo variations in interactive tempo/repetition – diagram

Touch the ring to change the rhythm!

Highlights & Features:

Precise and accurate timing
Loud and audible click sound → cuts through all frequencies
4 ways to set tempo
TAP your own tempo
plus minus button
tempo wheel,
keyboard input

Appealing interactive and user-friendly design
Custom time signature: 4/4, 3/4, 6/8, 7/8 …
Create your own rhythmic patterns: with up to 16 beats
Each beat can be: a full note, two half notes, triplets or four sub beats
Each sub click can have 3 different accents or be muted
Beats can be saved, previewed and edited later
Timer and bar:beat counter
Practice Mode

NEW Speed trainer option from main menu
Very large tempo range: 30.. 540 bpm → suitable for speed training
Very lightweight


Dedicated volume control
Tempo interval for plus/minus button → for quick tempo steps
Keep display always on
Show/hide timer and beat counter

If you like this app, I would really appreciate if you give a rating or leave a review. That allows me to continuously improve this free app. You can always write a mail or leave feedback in the comments. Enjoy using Beatronome!

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Beatronome user reviews :

Great tool for creating rhythm, polyrhthm. Fun to explore all the possibilities.a keeper for me as a musician

My mind can’t stop trying to come up with different rhythms to think of, it’s great for practicing rudiments and in a variety of ways. This app is truly amazing, my only real critique is that I would love to see if they implemented some more obscure time signatures to play around with. Other than that I cannot praise this app enough.
  • LiquidVoid
  • Hi James, thank you so much for your review. Really appreciate it. Please let me know which kind of time signatures you would like to see implemented. Just more beats per bar or stuff like 16th notes in denominato? – > support[at]
Brilliantly thought-out. Intuitively executed! The tutorial alone is sure to be a huge help to anyone merely seeking a “basic” understanding of various rhythms and time measures. The real icing on the cake comes with the versatility that’s provided for creating a groove that truly feels unique and full of your own character. For musicians who enjoy composing original tunes and playing improvisationally, I definitely recommend this gem of an app. Not everyone is born a drummer! (Studio Aid)
  • LiquidVoid
  • Wow. Thank you for your review! Feeling honored. It’s true. Not everyone is born a drummer. But everyone can get
Great app – easy to use and allows different tones. The feature that would be great is to be able to set a number of bars at a certain setting (e.g. 12 bars 3/4 time at 60 bpm then continue at 4/4 at 50 bpm). I love the app though. Wow! I didn’t know it could do that! I just set up beats for a piece I’m learning. Awesome.
  • LiquidVoid
  • Hi, thank you for the update! What you want to do is already possible. You would first need to save one bar at 3/4 time and another one at 4/4 time to your collection. Then go to Practice Mode and add two Practice Sets to a new Session. First set with first bar and 12 repetitions, 2nd set with 2nd bar and x repetitions. support[at]
This is the best metronome I came across in years. I even had 3-4 different metronomes installed at one time and couldn’t make my mind up. Once I installed Beatronome I found myself using it exclusivity. So I purchased the app and never looked back. Totally worth it. I wish one could change the tempo for the whole session. The way it is now I can stack 2 or 3 beats, loop them and they play nicely. But then I cannot gradually speed up. It is still only possible for a single beat. Anyway, great app, getting better by every update.
  • LiquidVoid
  • Thank you so much for your review and for purchasing the ad-free version! I’m glad you like the app and I have put your feature request on my TODO. Doing my best to keep you users happy

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