Beek Familiar Spirit – Featuring dozens of branching paths

[Game] Beek Familiar Spirit

Beek Familiar Spirit  A call for help within a mysterious messaging app.

Someone lost and wondering through a forest in a faraway place. And their destiny in your hands.

Beek: How I Became a Familiar Spirit and Everything After That is a text-based narrative experience from the creators of Nekojishi. Featuring dozens of branching paths, multiple endings, and CG’s to unlock!

Help Beek seek a way home, and face the darkness of this world with strength and courage.

This game is free, however CG’s are unlocked with a one-time purchase.

Beek Familiar Spirit user reviews :

I ADORE this game. It’s fun & simple. I saw others thought the time between sets was either to long or short but I thought it was fine as I could get back to it whenever I was ready, and mostly, was able to pause to catch up. I only had 2 glitches. The first was when they’re attacked in the library, it didn’t pause so I could catch up before it decided to ignore so I missed a story chance. And at the end, when they’re trying to send Beek back, it froze. Price is also a bit steep for not a lot…

I just finished my first playthrough of the story and I can’t wait to go back and try some different paths! Using text conversation lets this game do some fun things like making it hard to text in some situations and let the character express himself more than just a pure text story. The pauses between certain periods (Such as sleeping and eating) had me eagerly waiting for when I would get another message, and helped space out the game. The purchase was definitely worth it based on the price.

Its more of. Pick your own adventure novel than an actual game but it cool conceptually..and the times between texts guve it a bit more realism to the conversatuon..its free ro rwad but 3.99 if you want to check out the pictures but theyre cool enough to make it worth it…i only wish it was more AI like where i can type and have my own conversations even if its not directly tied to the story but would add that extra depth

I had a blast playing this game! I just had a little trouble at one point in the story, when a lot happens in a short time and the “stop timer” button didn’t work well, so I couldn’t read and act quickly enough. The characters are well fleshed out, and I liked them a lot! That’s why I bought the upgrade pack ^^

Great game loved the story and characters, only had one whole playthrough though. The only problem I have is that it’s annoying that I have to pay $4 for some good features. If you are bored and have a lot of time I would recommend. Pro tip: Start playing in the morning

It was a charming experience, especially near the end there, the ost really brings out the magic. But there’s really not much going on, with the content, the conversation between you and Beek, the characters, and the writing. It’s a loosely threaded story at best, there’s little snippets of the characters here and there, but too open ended to be immersive. The guys who did the art and soundtrack are pretty good!

So I really like the real time concept of the game where you have to wait minutes or hours in order to find out what happens next. It really makes it feel like you’re talking to someone, like the game wants you to. My only criticism is that you (the person you play as) has VERY little options to say and even though Beek bonds with you, it really feels like there is almost no connection on the players part due to little options and how Beek does 90% of the talking in the conversations you have.

Exelent job! I realy LOVE it! After playing this I felt so alive and cheared. The story is magnificent along with the music and the way the surroundings were described begived me their world that good that the image wasnt needed. They all made me feel great and putted a good mood on me! However, there’s a problem with the timer – even when paused, time is still flowing and i had lesser problems with that. All in all, great game! I would have loved if you make another one like this! 😀

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