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Bible Reading Made Easy  We have developed Bible Reading Made Easy to supply Christians with high quality resources for spiritual devotion, as well as to spread and bear witness to the gospel of the heavenly kingdom to more and more people.

Through this app, you can use a variety of Bible translations to compare readings so that it is more convenient for you to understand the Bible. We have also prepared for you rich spiritual content and testimony articles that are true to life. We hope that these can help you solve the problems and confusions that you have in your spiritual and daily life, establish a normal relationship with God, and obtain more enlightenment from God.
The app functionality is simple and clear enough for anyone to use, so wherever you are, you can start your spiritual journey at the touch of a button in your spare time.

Why Use Bible Reading Made Easy?
It is completely free and you can enjoy all the features at no cost. This app allows you to read the Scriptures hassle-free.
Handpicked Bible passages come with interpretations to give you a relaxing reading experience.
Bible Study provides you with high-quality articles explaining Bible passages, as well as Bible study topics of concern for Christians, to guide you into more profound study of the Bible.
The app includes articles explaining biblical prophecies to help you study the fulfillment and accomplishment of God’s prophecies about the last days, so that their true meaning is made clear.
With a handpicked selection of testimony articles, we share with you real experiences of Christians who have relied on God and seen God’s deeds when they were faced with difficulty and tribulation in their lives to allow you to sense God’s love and salvation.
Here you can find hymn videos, gospel films, and all sorts of videos on Christians’ lives of faith, giving you a greater understanding of God’s work and opening more truths and mysteries to you.
All sorts of beautiful images are available for you to download and share free!

Custom images: A simple, easy way to create your own images, adding your favorite Bible verses.
Q&A: Whether it’s a question that comes up while reading Scripture or a difficulty you encounter in everyday life, you can ask us anything. You can also search for key terms to find the answers you’re seeking.
Scripture navigation: Provides convenient and flexible methods for navigating the Scriptures to help you more quickly locate the passages of the Bible you need to begin your journey of reading the Scriptures.
Multi-text comparison: Allows simultaneous comparison of multiple translations of the Bible, making reference and comparison of Scripture convenient.

Bible Reading Made Easy user reviews :

There are lots of Real Testimonies, Mysteries revealing, Daily devotional, etc with Real person chatting who administrate the app. It’s a one must download and read app, there is no other app or nobody who can explain and make clear things like this in this world, I have been to so many many where I look for clear understanding about God’s will and His true work but never find anywhere until I come across this. One will never regret keeping and reading this because they will find Life

This apps is easy to use I’m very satisfied i learn a lot about God’s in time work, more videos, hymns, article and easy to use Bible . Perfect one

Thanks be to God for giving us the useful app, giving us a chance to read God’s words, coming closer to God and understand God more.

This Bible really easy to find the words of God. It is complete and i enjoy reading the content highly recommended

This app easy to used and it is really helpful to me in my Spiritual life because it gives more Gods words that im going to read everyday…thank s be to Almighty God

It’s very good way to start reading and understanding God’sWords, a very convenient app

This app is very useful, it contains all we need for our spiritual life, the daily devotionals, testimonies, and hymns. All in one app!

This apps is more useful in devotional . I just started using it and I enjoy reading it . I gain more enlightenment from it.

Wow, one of the best bible apps. Lots of God’s words to read and gain.

I am happy and blessed because I have found apps that will really help so many people to know the words of God and to gain the word of God.

Wow! Really good app po , it helps me to change my life i know how to come before GOD also

I feel blessed to find this apps its really help me a lot to have normal devotion with God and this apps have so many functions. A gain a lot thank God.

This app is very helpful to me, when i sad i just come in here. And i also get some topic’s here to post on social media or to share with other’s the gospel.

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