Bible Study – Reveal the wonderful Plan of the Creator

[App] Bible Study – God’s Plan, Text & Audio

Bible Study  In this Bible App we have the most important subjects that a Christian should know about:

Why does God permit evil
The return of Our Lord
Ransom and Restitution
Spiritual and Human natures……

They reveal the wonderful Plan of the Creator, and His purpose for all people. All subjects are treated in the light of the Scriptures, without any prejudices or traditions. We hope this study and the scriptures presented here will increase your faith in God’s promises.
We also offer a free Bible Study guide by mail for those interested to know more about God.
May God bless all those who seek to do His will!

Bible Study user reviews :

A great Bible Study app to listen to, read along and meditate on it’s message. Very apt for us Christian believers in today’s world.

It’s very helpful for me to get more guidance how to understand each and every verse in the Holy Bible.

Love it very detail help you get the information you looking for to bring you closer to God

I Lost my kids to their father at free when. I got out and I thought thrift Godot was really good

I’m enjoying studying God’s word from this app. Its very insightful, and very helpful when it comes to understanding the word of the lord ….thank you for all that you do to help all our brothers and sisters in understanding God’s plan for us and that he loves us all. In Jesus name I pray…..for all of God’s people….

A very wonderful app it has enlightened me alot with deep knowledge of things of God

Looking forward to the study guide. Needing to learn more about our Lord and savior along with God and the holy spirit.

This app seems to have everything you need to enjoy your study I love it and hopefully others do to god bless

Am so blessed to have this app because I really need guide line to study the bible can’t wate

Thank you so much for the great work of spreading the gospel messages to the nations i love the app

This app is seem to be good, but it keeps stopping

It is so informative.Glad I found it .Hope I can help someone else to get to know all about the Lord

I enjoy the Bible study because it helps me understand it better.

Truly in my personal opinion I think this app has been the most informative and educational experience for me, my only wish would have to be having a 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc editions for individuals who want to learn even more could continue to be guided through the process of breaking down even more by categories and learning how to use it in a unique way with the idea of maps related to biblical times, daily life, family and personal life

I have tried a lot of bible apps, but had a lot of trouble with them freezing up. They would just stop working right in the middle of my daily bible reading. I was determined to find an app that worked, and I finally did. This app deserves a 10 star rating.

Wonderful i love to read it upon waking. And yes you should always make sure whatever someone is saying lines up with scripture praise God.

A place to find relevant information. It provides links to other Christian resources as well. Love it!

This App makes Learning about Biblical times Fun, Exciting, Colorful with a Variety of Maps, Pictures makes the Story of the Bible come Alive A great experience for all ages. Highly Recommended Packed with Knowledge Easy to follow, yet immensely color coodinated allowing the reader to learn by reading with photo coodinated content. Thrilled with this App Continuing to return to learn about Biblical times – Timelines and much more Awesome

This app is good for reading, easy to understand, but you have to send off for the study guide. The app itself has nothing to study by/with, which is what I was hoping for.

I have found this app to be very informative and very easy to access…A great asset to my daily bible study.

Thank you for this opportunity of true Bible study, it helps my husband and I truly understand God’s word in our present time and age. God Bless you so much for taking the time to put together this Bible study for all to study.

I love thid app i Just downloaded it at 4:30 i kind of learned things that i was look for.For instance i wanted to know what will happen when Jesus return and GOD and it was pretty scary honestly when i read it but then when i kept reading it said Christian’s to stay calm but the word said saints so i will stay with that.

A good book recommended for all people. It is well organized, systematic, educative and inspiring. A give five stars.

This Bible study app harmonises the entire scriptures making every verse of the Bible relevant and applicable to the broader perspective of God. Thank u so much, it’s so helpful.

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