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[App] Bible verse of the day

Bible verse of the day  Everyday an inspiring Bible verse!

Shows the daily Bible verse of The app can also work offline, in that case it will show a verse from the archive.

The Bible verses are available in these english translations:

New Internation Version (NIV)
King James Version (KJV)
English Standard Version (ESV)
New King James Version (NKJV)

In the settings you can configure your daily notification.

Earlier verses are available in the app by swiping left or right.

Contains a widget for showing the daily Bible verse on your home screen.

For the full archive visit the website:

Bible verse of the day user reviews :

EDIT: The developer responded so quickly that i decided to give it another try, this time examining my device closer. Anyone having issues with no widgets showing as even an option to choose in the first place – make sure the app was installed to internal memory and not external. After actually being able to select the widget and try it, i like this app better than my previous favorite “verse of the day” widget app which has become a little wonky over the years. This one is very nice!
  • DailyVerses
  • Thank you for sharing the solution!

Excellent app. I love the simplicity of the daily verse on a black background. (If you share, there is a nice image to accompany the verse… or a screenshot can be taken of the black background.) Always great verses that pertain to life!

Simple, clean, no bulky ads. *Revised* so after quite a long time of utilizing this app I found one thing to suggest. It would be really cool if we could toggle whether it displays OT verses, NT verses or both. I’d really like to have daily NT verses. Otherwise still a great app!

Best app… updates u daily with one new verse…. and can share that verse to others or on WhatsApp story with beautiful background image…..

One of the most reliable Bible verse widgets I have used! It can take a few minutes to load, but that’s not a problem for me. You can also click through and read more of the Bible if you like. Recommended!

Thank you for developing this app. It motivates me/us in rejoicing GOD’s word. It helped us strengthen our faith more. One thing I like also of this app is that it consumes less space in my phone. Kudos.

This app is a warm and welcoming companion.

Really nice to have my Bible verses daily! Any chance of adding the DOUAY-RHEIMS and LATIN VULGATE versions? Thanks!

I love getting a good Bible verse to look over everyday

Great app but needs *FAVORITE button* with access to list sorted by scriptures with a brief description of the specific content ! Thank you!
  • DailyVerses
  • Thanks for the idea!

Pls add option to change font size in widget

I think I already found another instrument from God that will surely help me stregthen and deepen my faith on Him. Thanks to the founder of this. All Glory be given only to our Almighty Father

Really love the transparency setting for the widget – it’s so pretty! If you could add an option to choose whether to go to the website or open the app when you click the widget, then it’ll be perfect!

This is a great app that is light weight and it has a lovely widget that can suit any background. I also love the developer’s response time. This definitely deserve more than 5 stars!
  • DailyVerses
  • Resizing the widget should be possible (if you hold the widget for a few seconds, you should get an option for resizing it). On newer android versions (Android 8 and higher) the font size will be adjusted to the size of the widget. Unfortunately this resizing doesn’t work in older Android versions.
I have the notification set, but it only ever pops up when I have already opened the app. That doesn’t do me much good for remembering to do my reading each day. This issue being fixed would mean five stars.
  • DailyVerses
  • Thanks for your message. I understand the issue. I will investigate this, to see if I can reproduce and fix it.

Has a widget option so I can see the verse every time I go to the home screen of my phone. Really nice and helpful to remind be to pause and let God into my mind and heart throughout the day.

A simple Bible verse app. It has a widget which does work great but when I tap on it, I would think that it would launch the app and not my browser.
  • DailyVerses
  • I have chosen to open the website after a click on the widget, because on the website you get more information about the verse: an illustration and the verse in other Bible translations. In the app you would just see the same verse again.

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