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[Game] Bid Wars Stars – Multiplayer

Bid Wars Stars  When storage lockers go unpaid, their contents go up for auction to the highest bidder. If you have what it takes, the next forgotten treasure could be yours! Are you up for the risk?

Welcome to Storage Battles, a virtual Auction Bidding game that puts you up against other players in real time. Pick the Character that suits your bidding style and battle against 3 other players to see who gets stuck with the trash, and who takes home the treasure!

Multiplayer Storage Wars
Compete in virtual auction wars against real players! In each match, bidders start with the same amount of money, so you can’t buy out all the storage lockers! Take a look inside the garage, choose your strategy fast and be ready for your next bid! They don’t call it Garage Wars for nothing!

Inspect the Storage Locker In 3d!
Touch and drag the screen to move around the virtual auction in 3d and see what treasures might be hiding in the far back of the storage locker. Try and learn the value of each of the items so you know when to bid and when to pass on a container.
But that’s not all! There are plot twists that make these Garage Wars more exciting, so pay attention!

Locker Modifiers
Locker Modifiers will add exciting changes to each auction, and might have a big impact on your bid. Some storage containers will have extra boxes, while others might have fake items or valuable rare antiques!

Funny Characters, Over the Top Abilities
Pick the Character that suits your bidding style, and use their Abilities to your advantage! You will have to be strategic to win the Auction War, because you can only use 1 ability per locker.

Fight in the Storage Wars
Will you battle with “Aggressive” Greg, to steal other players bid? Or “Fun Times” Gina, who can spice the auction up with more boxes making it possible to strike it rich. If you are more of the detective type, Analytical Sarah will fit your profile. Her calculated guesses will help you make a less risky bid.

Help us make the best virtual Auction Game!
Storage Battles is a work in progress, we’re trying to create the best multiplayer Storage Wars game possible. So come check it out (it’s totally free!), bid on some lockers, win the storage wars, and let us know what you think! We would like to make this game with your input – maybe the next update will feature your suggestion!

Bid Wars Stars user reviews :

Game has potential but feels no where near complete, its like playing a demo. Will be more playable if they add better ways to sell so that your store isnt bursting with too many items and no where to sell them, more buyers, three of the same people is boring. And fix the glitch where the store wont add items and you have to reboot game.

Alright so I was excited going into this because I love the first two versions and always hopes there would be a multiplayer version but after playing for one evening and coming back I can no longer upload the game is always his waiting for players and never player show up this game fix that problem
  • By Aliens
  • Hi, Donald Smith! Thanks for letting us know about the problem. We had a minor issue in our game server but everythings is working fine right now. We’ll be waiting you in Bid Wars Auctions!

I like the game but its almost pointless. You dont work towards anything. Just the ability to go to bigger spending auctions. So it gets repetitive quite quickly. Is almost like a demo f0r something that could be way better

I enjoy playing with the new updates. The clothes could be better, but it’s all about winning $$!! Keep up the great work team! I will keep playing.

It a great game but everyone gets stuck at lvl 31 it would be magic if you added more city’s I hope it happens soon as it’s getting boring other than that it’s a great game

I love this game I was angry last I am happy game is back to me right now.thank you so much. “email do not forget email”! Not work right now nothing move item.
  • By Aliens
  • Hello bumseok! Thank you for your feedback. Bid Wars Stars is only possible because of the player community. If you feel this way, would you mind change the rating to more stars? Thanks so much and keep seending us feedback!

Great game that doesn’t require a lot of time to play. Whether you have 5 min or an hour, super fun

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