Bike Mayhem – Race down beautiful trails

[Game] Bike Mayhem

Bike Mayhem  Enter the exciting world of extreme freestyle and downhill mountain bike racing.

Race down beautiful trails, smashing over rocks and roots, boosting huge jumps, scoring insane trick combos, unlocking better bikes and gear for bragging rights as the King of the Mountain!

Compete in timed races or freestyle trick events on 21 different mountains and over 100 trails inspired by real world locations.

Unlock 90 items of gear to add style your rider and tune your bike for speed, agility, strength, and energy for each trail.

Experience realistic physics and plush bike suspension as your bike eats up the rough stuff and softens the landings of big jumps and drops.
High speeds and big jumps means huge crashes where your rider will ragdoll tumble down the trail. Use your finger to pick up you rider throw him even further.

Share your scores online. See who can beat your times!

Brought to you by the creators of Moto X Mayhem. Built with passion for mountain bike racing.


100+ Beautiful mountain trails for all styles of riding
90 Gear items for your rider and mountain bike
Frame and wheel upgrades that impact game play
Epic bike crashes, fun rag doll physics and active bike suspension
Tricks, wheelies, bunny hops, and flips!
Powerful online leaderboards


If you use check points, you will get one star. Stay on your bike to achieve 3 stars!
Lean to add flips into your trick combo.
Wheelie into and out of a jump to add to your trick combo.
Wheelies do not drain your energy
The timer doesn’t start until you start to pedal the bike or brake!
Grab the rider and toss him around the map at any time
Pick the right frame and wheel combination to get the best score for each trail.
Use boosters to help you through a difficult trail

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Bike Mayhem user reviews :

Nice game . Good graphics , etc The problem is the controls for me the controls are insane (I don’t know whether it is only for my device or everyone ). Next is add. The adds are annoying comming after every levels is irritating. Next is You can’t beat some levels that are too tough with my controls that becomes impossible.

I like it, but the ads and the boosters are the only thing that I hate. The ads come after every level and the energy required to pass some levels even if you have full racer kit. It just needs boosters . Even after using the boosters the level is still unbeatable and impossible. Worst game ever. If I could give it zero stars,i would. Please make it that you start the game with at least 10 boosters each.

THE absolute game to play when you feel in the mood to take to the sky. I rated it five stars, for it requires no subscriptions or anything out of the norm or of the sort. All it needs is ad support. And I treasure free-mium games like that. They are worth every tap I thrust with my thumbs on this screen, as I write reviews.

This game is good but the only thing that I hate is the ads. After the game there is all ways a add wich I am shore all the people that have this are anoid to so please help me get rit of this then we can all love the game and play it all day every day. So other than that that’s all I dislike about this game.

This game is really nice and u really learn a lot of thing in this what an amazing game Bike Mayhem is a very understandable game ever that I have ever played this game is this game an tactical shooter game even my sister she really loves it.and this a really beautiful game it has knowledge and understanding the person who made this game is a blessing from God and from this game u can learn a lot of skills that you don’t know.I am rating for this game I know a lot of skills thank you.

Best game I have ever played but it is not available on this device is not a problem with the following ad listing has ended on June and July and August and September and October and November and December and January and February and March and April and May and I’m a very nice site or addition of new and exciting and challenging and rewarding to get the latest flash player upgrade to windows Live Messenger is new to the same to the following ad listing agent info for the next few days before I.

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