Binaural Beats Generator – Heavy relaxation that comes from frequency

[App] Binaural Beats Generator

Binaural Beats Generator  Generate custom binaural beats around any base frequency including Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Mu, and Theta waves.

Simple modern interface allows selecting Binaural Beats from 1 to 50 Hz and a Base Frequency from 20 to 1500 Hz. Binaural Beats require high quality headphones or stereo speakers.

What are binaural beats?
Binaural beats can help with sleep, focus, and meditation. They are an auditory illusion perceived when two different tones of slightly different frequency are presented to each ear. The frequencies are very low and each one is tuned specifically for each ear which is why headphones are required.

What are the different types of binaural beats?

Alpha waves are associated with a restful and relaxed state that exists when both entering and exiting sleep.
Beta waves are associated with concentration and moderate alertness.
Delta waves are associated with deep sleep cycles and the release of physical awareness.
Gamma waves are associated with alertness and sensitive perception.
Mu waves are associated with a state of physical rest, stillness, and immobility.
Theta waves are associated with the heavy relaxation that comes from frequency, deep meditation.

Drag slider to select a desired Binaural Beat from 1 to 50 Hz. Next, drag the base frequency to a tone that sounds pleasant to your ears. The binaural beat is generated around this base frequency. Adjust device volume using the on-screen volume slider to a comfortable level. Toggle audio playback using the Play/Pause button.

Created by the audio experts at TMSOFT that brought you the famous White Noise app. Check out all our apps and sounds at

Binaural Beats Generator user reviews :

I use this app on a regular basis it’s perfect, simple, and has the most freedom to adjust what matters.

Thank God for this App it has helped me to learn more musically.

Works perfectly and simply. Thumbs up devs!

Not actually a binaural beat generator. This app makes the beat before the sound reaches your brain. Binaural beats are made when two separate tones are merged in your brain

Put in some extra features and make some money dev! This app is so straight forward and easy to use. Would be amazing to add some presets for a paid version. Can’t praise this enough, nice slider to find your perfect wavelength.

Whenever my mind stays racing, or if I’m having issues meditating, I turn on the binaural beats and change the frequency to match my mood and cancel out that energy with the constant rhythm of the app. Great for my insomnia.

You can make insert capacitor in sound. It help with changing in frequency. Chamging frequency make sounds. Fix it

I love how easy it is to just pick a frequency and get started! And the slider with the different explanations for the frequency you choose is really dope! I’m listening to binaural beat at 13 Hz with a base frequency of 39 Hz Tryna get at that relaxed state! so far it is a good app. I think the random sound is the loop back from the original recording? other than the quick sound this is doing it for me. AND this app works great on a pixelbook, whereas a lot of these apps don’t work at all on pixelbook. awesome job!

Quick and easy BB generator. Just set desired pitch and beat on separate scales (slider for rough setting , +/- buttons for precise adjustment) and tap play. It would be nice to have a name-and-save function so users could add pitch and beat combinations that they find to be effective. Also it would be nice to have a no-ads option for a small premium.

i love this. it works. it does what it say it tells you what it did. its stereo, some are not. its colorful but easy to read. its efficient , but pretty, for a program. easy on the eyes the color scheme. Its a really good app actually. presets, thatd be cool, that’s prob only suggestion.(i mighta missed it lol). nice work, truly

You’ll need proper ear/headphones and do some research before delving in. And you will find this app most suited to your needs.

Really good app, the only issue I have is the volume setting. I’d like it to be independent from my phone’s audio, only lowering/increasing the volume of the audio of the app rather than the whole phone. Otherwise a really good app.

Perfect for what i wanted. If the binaural section could go to decimals? Even better. Thank you

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