Bistro Heroes – Help the heroes save the world

[Game] Bistro Heroes

Bistro HeroesA new RPG ‘Bistro Heroes’, from Team Tapas, the developer of ‘A Girl Adrift’!

Gather various ingredients through hunting.
Create tasty dishes with special ingredients to run a bistro.
Collect hero clothes to create unique styles.
Develop your town with numerous buildings and furniture.
And…help the heroes save the world!

Game Features

Small-sized, light RPG that can be enjoyed without additional downloads
Various dishes made with ingredients from a fantasy world
Cute clothes and furniture that can be used freely to decorate heroes and town
Engaging storyline with the feel of a light novel
Simple controls easy to learn, even for novices
Fairytale-like atmosphere and graphics

Community Page

Storing Data Safely
The server storage feature of the game data is activated when synced with a social account.
The game data is stored in the server only at certain moments of gameplay and is not stored constantly in real-time.
To safely store the data, please manually save it in the server regularly by using the server save icon on the upper right side of the game screen.

Notes for Switching Devices
1. To transfer data to a new device when switching your device, you must first sync with your social account.
2. After syncing with your social account, use the server save icon on the upper right to manually save your data on a manual save slot.
3. Log in with the same social account from your new device, load the data you stored from your previous device and play the game.

Notes for Updating>/b?
Bistro Heroes’ updates are done manually through the store page.
If your Bistro Heroes does not update normally, please try the following method.
1. Restart the device and try again
2. Device settings – applications – select Google Play store application – storage space – delete cache – restart and try to update again
The update time may differ depending on your device, so please wait a while longer if the above method does not work.
Deleting the app may reset some of the progressed data.

Customer Support
If you experience gameplay problems, contact us via the in-game [Settings] → [Customer Support] button.
Contact is at support[at] for other bugs and problems.

Bistro Heroes user reviews :

I love this game, it’s simple, the artwork is great, the story is interesting, and the gameplay is easy…but I have an issue with putting in my quantities when I want to cook food. The cursor is too sensitive to slide around and makes it difficult to put in specific amounts that you want, if you ever do an update please allow us to input the number of foods we want by pressing it in. This game would be great with VA, VA would add more to the game and make it less quiet and empty.

Firstly the style of the game is adorable. Secondly, the combat in the game is simple yet engaging enough for me to not get bored. Thirdly, there are lots of different customization such as furnitures, outfits, etc. The story in the game is also pretty lit and most importantly it’s about food! Edit: Now the game feels really slow as I have to do lots of AFK in order to upgrade my heroes and progress. But I’ll still continue playing :)
  • Team Tapas
  • Thank you for enjoying Bistro Heroes! Glad you love our game. Please stay with us and have more fun! // Thanks again for your review. We keep making efforts to improve your adventure. Hope you can enjoy more with us!

A very fun and casual game. This is extremely refreshing to play among all the p2w games that are coming out one after another. There’s zero reason to spend $$$ on this other than to support the devs which I’ve personally did. The humor is also very cliche but it’s still funny. Overall, it’s nostalgic because it reminds me of the older games where you manage a restaurant etc.

First, I love A Girl Adrift, but was sad that it wasn’t really updated anymore. And now amazing Team Tapas comes around with an even better game! It’s incredibly cute, easy to play and only as time consuming as you want it to be. I feel there’s no constant urge to spend a lot of money either. Wonderful! Only one big downside: No offline play in this game so I have to put it down on my long overland train commute when the reception drops.

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