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[App] Bitdefender Anti-Theft

Bitdefender Anti-TheftBitdefender Anti-Theft : Locate, lock or wipe your lost or stolen mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Protect your personal information from prying eyes with Bitdefender Anti-Theft.
Difficult to uninstall by strangers, it provides an additional layer of intelligent protection for mobile devices, giving you the chance to get your device back.

Try it free for 30 days or go to hxxp:// and get a 1 year license for only $3.95
A small price to pay, for big-time peace of mind!

…and there’s more! Keep your laptop close too.
More info about the cross-platform at

Bitdefender Anti-Theft Features

Use Bitdefender Anti-Theft to protect all your household devices, whether they are laptops, smartphones or tablets.

Locate your mobile devices, whether it is an Android smartphone or tablet, or even a laptop. Whenever you device goes missing, just go to MyBitdefender and hit “locate”. It’s that simple!

Want to stop someone from accessing your data? Lock your device and prevent any thief from getting to your private pictures or confidential documents.
Password control
Enjoy in-depth protection level! Make sure you are the only one allowed to alter the settings and tamper with the Anti-Theft system by using the already in-place password and PIN mechanisms.

Is the data on your device simply too valuable to risk any kind of exposure? Just wipe it off from your device.

Send Alarm (Android Only)
Not sure where your device has got to? Maybe it’s under the couch. Remotely command it to make a sound and you’ll hear it cry out for you.

SIM change notification (Android Only)
When somebody replaces the SIM card, the new number will be sent to a phone number you have set.

Direct Contact (Android Only)
Send an SMS command to make the phone call you back or answer your next call.

SMS Commands (Android Only)
Locate, lock or wipe your device with an SMS sent from another phone

Gain extra time you need to protect your mobile device. Bitdefender Anti-Theft cannot be uninstalled by unauthorized people. Additionally, if the thief tries to change the SIM card, a predefined number will always be notified when that happens.

Bitdefender Anti-Theft user reviews:

How i use the txt exactly cause i sent it from my phone bd-1221122 help to the trusted one and i didn t receive any answear,i’m in London…si salut echipa Bit Defender :)

Long waited sms commands

Excellent product… efficient, effective… easy to use…

Chech yourself before you break yourself! It’s safer to have something like this installed.

nice with the sms commands


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