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Grid trading is a type of trading strategy that profits from the sideways as well as trending market conditions. In the simplest of terms, Grid trading involves hedging, or placing simultaneous buy and sell orders at certain levels. The aim of this approach is to maximize the profits while the in-built hedging system ensures that the risks are minimized.

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After using it for a few days, my partner and I were both so happy with it. All of a sudden, one day my API key from HitBTC didn’t work anymore, tried to create hundreds new ones but none worked. They showed in the app that we could connect them via Telegram and there was only scam there. Someone chatted with me and said they could help, thank God I found out before I gave him all my information and had a risk to lose all my crypto. Uninstalling it now.

Really good portfolio tracker, and seems that every major bug gets fixed quick enough, so the devs really take care of it. The only big downside is how long it sometimes takes to load APIs when trades have happened. Sometimes it can take several minutes. Also, it’s weird how some portfolios seem to track transactions for each coin and some don’t.

It’s a great app, the best API trading app actually. however, the portfolio page doesn’t update when I move funds to a different coin unless I force-stop the app, which is very disturbing. Also, the trading page loads very slowly… These are the main two things keeping me from sharing this app with others… There’s also two other little issues: 1, The last candlestick is on the very edge so it’s hard to see and makes imagining future prices difficult. And the other issue doesn’t fit here

Unable to sign in on the web app due to “invalid email verification code.” Despite the fact that I’ve entered it correctly. Have repeated the process 3 times already with the same error. This is a deal breaker for me. I need a portfolio tracker that I can use on phone and computer.

Great app, been using it for a few years already. There is one thing that turns me off is the notification doesn’t has Dark mode yet. It’s text is always black and has same color with my phone’s dark mode, so I really can’t see the text One more thing is the Trading History is ordered from older to latest, and I have to scroll hundreds before I can see my latest order, so inconvenient.

It was a great app before last month, the bot making a good profit… But now it is almost impossible to create only just 1 bot to work… I thought it was just API error on 1 exchange, but when I tried to create it on the other exchange it’s the same… Perhaps the developer only focus on their exchange now (Pionex), this app may won’t last long.

Portfolio is good, bot faild to execute trailing stop causing me to lose money. Bot is too glitchy to do anything other than grid trading with it. Sometimes the trailing bot doesn’t register profit/losses, and the balance update is not in real time

This app has made me some fortune and I am grateful for it. Has a huge versatility and great broker supports. It can be used on many platforms and works like a charm.

Good app but my manually entered portfolio did not sync with my online account. When I reinstalled the app my transactions were gone. What’s the point in having a user id/pass if data does not sync.

It’s great Only issue is that the trade sections hangs and you need to restart the app few times a day. Otherwise, I love it

very nice app but looks you you have a problem with bots on futures for example binance. Once you create a bot on futures the bot stuck in loading screen and doesnt display any data

Good real-time portofolio price, but when your change phone must input portofolio again manually…

Nice apps. Please add transaction success alert sound. Thanks.

love this; gain loss clear, pairing porto smooth.. thank you

Awesome app. Supports heaps of exchanges. I tried 10+ other portfolio apps

This app is really useful for my trading. I try not all exchanges compatible with this app. I think the problem is from the exchanges or this app not update their API system in long time. Hope the dev can keep this app useful.

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