Blade Crafter 2 – Try to get a medal from Succession and find ancient treasures

[Game] Blade Crafter 2

Blade Crafter 2  Blade Crafter has got back with more fun with love and support of 2M Users.

Have a look at the brand new Blade Crafter.

Are you looking for an easy and addictive automatic game?
Then, Blade Crafter 2 is your best choice.

The weapons you own will move freely in the battle as if they are alive.
Enjoy the game faster with tap attack.
Try Succession after stage 100
Try to get a medal from Succession and find ancient treasures.
Complete in-game achievements to get various rewards.

Blade Crafter 2 user reviews :

Randomly appearing ads killed this game for me. It’s fine if im given a choice to watch an ad or not, but forrcefully making them appear is a big no no.

-1 star for forced Google Play login for daily rewards in an offline game. -1 star for REQUIRED internet usage for drawing equipment/pets in an OFFLINE game that is even TAGGED as Offline. -2 stars for pet and equipment draws being TIME BASED at 2 hours of wait time per draw. I would much rather farm equipment from PLAYING the game instead of simply waiting for my next draw.

I cant access the armor tab or the store. Both are just dull compared to other tabs and will not let me select them. Other than that it’s a great game. Please fix and I’ll give a higher rating

While not a terrible game, this does feel like a downgrade from its predecessor. I don’t hate the game, but this definitely feels like lost potential. Blade Crafter 1 was excellent. And this? Let’s just say that Blade Crafter 2 is the original Blade Crafter’s ugly brother. This feels more like a clicker game rather than an epic blade making and combat game like the last one. Should there be a Blade Crafter 3, I would hope the developer(s) would return the game to its roots, but expand upon it.

Fairly enjoyable game. However, while i dont normally watch an ad to double my idle earnings, I tried it once only to not receive the money that I had earned while the app was closed, let alone double the amount I was supposed to receive. I’m not sure if that is an isolated bug, but i dont want to try again and not receive the gold that i was supposed to.

Fun game, but the Treasures scale in cost so quickly. You honestly can’t progress past a certain point if you are not lucky enough to get the Slate of the Beginning treasure. Would love to see this become a guaranteed treasure within the first 20-30 treasure purchases, or even just a constant feature after hitting stage 2000 or something similar.

Though very different, this game is a great update to the original Blade Crafter. While the very beginning has tap heavy clicker style combat, once you start acquiring blades they not only auto attack, but farm for you while the game is idle. The Runes (sad) and Mine (yay!) are gone, but the Ancient Relics are still there. Relics are gained by re-starting from lvl one, which sounds daunting but w auto farm /idle it catches up quickly. Love this game! If you like it check out the original too!

Really disappointed. Fix the bugs, please. Try and develop some new idle mechanics. While you’re at it, maybe add some events or guild applications. Just some basic stuff that other idle clones have to make the game worth playing. The original blade crafter was a much better example of what your developers are capable of.

To be honest I’m somewhat dissapointed with the route the studio has taken with their sequel of BC1. It is possible to take inspiration from another game whilst varying it enough to make it your own, but this actually feels like a feature for feature, upgrade for upgrade clone of Tap Titans. Unfortunately the lack of originality has me uninstalling around 30m into play. Sorry devs.

I definetly like the game play it often i do think its artifact system and pet system and armors etc should get an index of the ones ive at least collect, if this already exists please tell me how to find thank you.

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