Blockbusters – Defeat your enemies on the battle ground

[Game] Blockbusters – Online PvP Shooter

Blockbusters  Blockbusters is a competitive online multiplayer PvP third person hero shooter with excellent 3D graphics and enthralling gameplay.

Choose a hero with your favorite fighting and killing style in this TPS – melee, assault or sniper. Equip most powerful gun, synergetic skills and go fight other players worldwide in fast-paced matches.

Team up with other players and defend your fortress. Play this third person online PvP shooter now! Complete missions, climb up PvP ranks, get guns and equipment as rewards, strengthen your heroes after every online battle full of intense shooting.

Choose your favorite class: sniper, special ops soldier, heavy lubber, street gangster or pro killer. Try all of them and decide who is more effective in defeating your enemies on the battle ground.

Decide what is your favorite weapon: machine gun, hunting rifle, bow, assault rifle, crowbar, knife, axe, pistol. Equip a grenade, health pack, helmet, kevlar.

If you like 3D hero shooters, special ops games, team gameplay or fortress defense you will become a fan of Blockbusters. The brand new third person multiplayer hero shooter outshines all other FPS shooters.

Join the league of shooting masters. Define your winning strategy and combat tactics.

Good luck, have fun!

Blockbusters user reviews :

Game was great, play it for hours, game run smooth, dont need to pay to win, maybe if you guys can add clan war, the jump button on the next update and lot of event i believe it will be a great game.Just dont add battle royale mode in this game.Hope this game can be different from other fps game and keep up the good work.

Game keeps crashing. Edit: Don’t bother, I have uninstalled this horrendously optimized game. I can run CoD: M on max settings with no lag, overheating or crashing on my 8gb RAM, but your game? It has made my phone so hot it feels ready to explode. FIX YOUR GAME, I HAVE SPENT MONEY, AND 3 HOURS LATER IT STARTS CRASHING. Did a full phone reset, running game tools and the game still crashes. You guys might be the most incompetent DEVS on the market.
  • Heyworks LLC
  • Hi, sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing some crash issues. Please contact us at[at] and share as much information as you can. We will definitely investigate your case. Thank you for posting!

New match mode: Elimination + New mode with rounds + Short rounds of 3×3 + Kill all opponents to win the round + No revivals within the round + Win 3 rounds to win New map: Dragon Temple New skill: Immortality + Makes the character resistant to all types of damage New skill: Serial Dash + Dash forward up to 3 times New character skins + T1K for Heavy character + Princess Anna for Diva character + Miss Purr-fect for Robin character Thank you for staying with us!

The game is fantastic the only thing that there’s a problem with is the battle pass is very expensive

I’ll always prefer FPS games but this game is still very fun to play. I love the diverse character selection!

This is a great game! To all the reviews of people complaining I don’t know what that’s about. People are always gonna complain…this is a great game. Download it now!!!
  • Heyworks LLC
  • Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on
The game has a good future in the field of shooters games, but it has mistakes such as the inability to modify the control buttons or the slow movement. This is what made me hate a little, but if you fix the technical problems, the game will be on the list of the top ten games for me and it will take a respectable place in the list of shooters games
  • Heyworks LLC
  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!
Great game it’s got easy to learn physics point and shoot instead of a shoot button and it has lots of options. However and I’m blaming this on what I’m assuming is a new game you will be spending money or loads of time you will need weeks of rewards just to level up a weapon one time, and the rewards aren’t exactly plentiful.. the maps are a bit small and limited and the matches are way too quick I think once they get there game built up a bit it’s going to be a blast but for it’s a bit pricey.
  • Heyworks LLC
  • Hi , Thank you for your interest in the game and for your feedback. We are working on improving the game. We hope to please you even more in the future. Good luck in battle!

This game is great! The reward system is unique with the weekly and monthly rewards. But, this game is also battery draining and has a tad too many advertisements. Overall it’s fun to play, although the upgrades cost more and more, but the rewards from games alone takes longer and longer to save up.

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