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Bluelight blockingBluelight blocking : Why should we care about blue light?

Blue light is part of visible light spectrum that we are exposed to it by the sun every day. However, nighttime exposure to the light at high levels by smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other LED screens may impair your vision.

It also suppresses the production of hormone melatonin, which hinders your body’s natural sleep cues.

When your melatonin level and sleep cycle are disrupted, your risk of a wide range of ailments, from depression to cancer, may go up.

You can get help by using apps that limit the amount of blue light coming from our screens.

When trying to download other apps you need from other than Google Play Store, sometimes they are not installed properly with the bluelight filter is activated. In such case, please turn off the bluelight filter for a moment and install other applications.

Battery consumption is low when the filter is applied, due to low total CPU usage except for low CPU usage.

As a general rule, the screens of our smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and other devices with LED screens give off a blue light. The light that they radiate can be damaging to your eyesight, especially when you are directly exposed to it, as is generally the case at night or when there is no other light around you. Bluelight blocking is an app that you can use to stop this light by manually adjusting the type of luminescence that your screen emits.

The first thing you’ll do with the app is adjust the filter to the transparency level that you want and that you’ll need to change depending on the situation. The higher the filter level, the more opaque and the dimmer the screen will be so that you can read, play, or work without painful or watery eyes. When you want to change this value, you simply have to adjust the bar to the position that you find comfortable.

There are enough filter colors to choose from so that you’ll be able to find the best choice for every situation; red, yellow, brown, and black are the four options. As soon as you activate one, you’ll notice how the blue light stops radiating and your screen gives off a more comfortable color tone. Since the app uses very little resources, your device will hardly use any extra battery power while Bluelight blocking is active.

To access the application faster, it includes an easy activation feature that you can adjust in the setup menu. This way, if you want to have a shortcut in the notification panel, you can activate it when the filter is active, when it’s turned off, or always have it there. Adjust your screen and avoid damaging your eyes, day or night.

Bluelight blocking user reviews :

Im extremely light sensative. Only app that I trust to protect me. Good controls. Im happy with my version no need to update here No permissions sold me. It works and rarely effects other apps(Googplay. Allows me to control the power output to my screen effectively(The screen is the most demanding system on the batterie on large screened phones by far). With this large screen, medium batteried phone I am in controll of and can charge and use phone dually or not and do it relatively safely. Yes! Did I meantion how ligjt sensative I am? When I leave my house i just turn it off cause im running 60 to 80 saturation

Simple and effective After using for about a month its been great! Performs as advertised without heavy drain on resources and battery. My issue with it is sometimes the filter only covers half of the screen but that could be a conflict with the battery doctor app that I am using

Last Update September 9, 2017 :

Add Scheduler
Enable Soft Keys (Navigation Bar)

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