Blustone – Fight the enemies and beasts that stand in your way

[Game] Blustone

Blustone  Journey through a frozen tundra and search for hidden treasures.

Fight the enemies and beasts that stand in your way!
Survive the competition by building the ultimate team!
Recruit new hunters, assemble your team, and become a legendary captain!

Quick Action Like Never Before!
Launch attacks 10+ times per second with immediate response using your fingertips!
Relieve that deep-rooted stress through thrilling and invigorating excitement!

Faster Is Easier!
Faster taps, more attacks, and more wins.
Fire numerous attacks within seconds at ease. Tap away – as much as you want!

You Are Not Alone. It’s All about Team Play!
Build your own team of 4 unique characters!
The combat offense and defense, an explosive bomber, and a healer.

Cinematic Action Scenes to Capture Your Attention!
Funny at times, and rough at times – immerse yourself into lifelike animation!
Beyond simple introductory clips, we’ll take you on an adventure!

Crazy and Fun-Loving Characters!
Meet a girl obsessed with bombs, a forever-alone grandpa, a pair of bread-hungry girls, a loan shark gunman, and many more! Collect a variety of teammates to learn their unique backstories.

Permission Information
Request to read or write data in external storage to optimize internal storage occupancy.

How to Withdraw Permissions
OS 6.0 and above : Settings > Apps > Select application > Permissions > Manage your app permissions
OS below 6.0 : Unable to manage permissions, permissions are disabled by deleting the app

Blustone user reviews :

This game had an amazing startup. With amazing people playing it. General Chat 001 was the best… Chatting, goofing around you name it. Even rp. Then the community slowly withered. Until the devs gave up on it. I use to love this game, but now there is no point in playing anymore. This review is after a while of coming back… I was a here when the game started, and I am here to say that it is basically at its end. So sad… I loved this game :(
  • VisualShower Corp.
  • Hello, thank you for your precious review. Even though it is taking a long time, the developers are working hard for the update. We’d sincerely appreciate it if you could stay with us and watch us with generosity. We will do our best to show our Captains with more improvement. Thank you.
Absolutely love this game. The gameplay and graphics are astonishing with the animations. Such a great f2p game. The story from the mission in season 1 was amazing really enjoyed it and I really love to see you guys make a season 2. I look forward to playing it.
  • VisualShower Corp.
  • Hello, thank you for enjoying our game and story! We will keep working hard for everyone to enjoy our game. Please contact us at with your in-game nickname or through our “Support” page [Main Menu (Blue Button on the Bottom Left) – 1:1 Support] if you face any issues. We hope you continue to enjoy Blustone! Thank you.
I’m enjoying the game, like the story and love the characters, I’ve even dropped a hundred dollars or so to help out the dev’s and boost my progress (totally unnecessary, I assure you), and my only issue was resolved, so if you’re a gacha addict like me, I definitely recommend this game.
  • VisualShower Corp.
  • Hello, thank you for your precious review! We will keep working hard for everyone to enjoy our game. Please contact us at cs[at] with your in-game nickname or through our “Support” page [Main Menu (Blue Button on the Bottom Left) – 1:1 Support] if you face any issues. We hope you continue to enjoy Blustone! Thank you.
Except for the lacking of 4*s, slow gaining of Manda, and somewhat lackluster fishing rewards I’ve been enjoying the game for the most part. However ever since I got the new update everytime I go into the game it’s still showing the “Great News! A new version is ready. Update Now?” screen and it will not let me go past this screen. How am I supposed to play the game when it won’t actually let me into the game?!! Please fix this
  • VisualShower Corp.
  • Hello, thank you for your precious review and opinion. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please note that currently, the issue has been fixed. Please feel free to contact us anytime at cs[at] with your in-game nickname if you continue to face the same issue. We will make sure to check it as thoroughly as possible. Thank you.

The game is pretty darn good, I never thought a team of people would create such a game like this that doesn’t really require money to even play. I mean I has animation in cut-scenes the music to me is pretty memorable the hamster where you summon is pretty cool and has a cool theme. The gameplay itself is indeed pretty unique it involves a cool down time, you can’t tap as much as you want because of your character’s attack speed, the leveling up system is different too but I like it to be honest. If it was up to me, I’d say keep doing what you’re doing and I’m sure this game will get out to more people.

This is a great game. Just don’t do what I did at first. When you train your hunters the other hunters you use will be consumed. Also use the dispatch system to farm items for skill training. Don’t just level up, skill train otherwise you get really big quick but won’t stand up to a fair fight in the arena.
  • VisualShower Corp.
  • Hi Blaine, we have returned the first two characters you have spent. Please note that we only refund characters once. Thank you again for your inquiry and we hope you take good care of your hunters!

I have been desperately searching for an amazing rpg but I have certainly received much more than I bargained for. Much love for visual shower and I can’t wait for more content!! Also it’s incredible that this is free, it follows a standard mobile game free to play formula but VS does it well, especially the graphics and cinematics certainly breathe massive amounts of life into this beautiful world. I am glad to be apart of bluestone!

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