Boom Boom Football – Lead your team to football glory

[Game] Boom Boom Football

Boom Boom Football  Boom Boom Football requires at least 1GB of RAM to play.

Build your team, plan your strategy, and hone your skills to lead your team to football glory!


Chance and skill collide in highlight-reel gameplay moments!
Manage your team by collecting over 300 football player cards!
Train and evolve your best players to dominate the field!
Crush the competition in epic one-on-one gridiron battles!

5 card classes to play with including Gold, Platinum, and All Star.
Prove yourself with Boom Bowls against some of the best teams in Boom Boom!
Go for glory against real players in special Boom Battle events!

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Boom Boom Football user reviews :

This game is great!But I wish this game could allow people to trade to other online boom boom teams. Sometimes it cheats but the good thing is you can do whatever you want in it!!!To be honest the music is good to!Also by the way it hasn’t had an update since 2015

This game is fine….. but it’s not as fun as it could be its kind of just clicking rings. I’m really disappointed because it looked like a fun game….

Remotely enjoyable, until you work out it’s rigged. Opposition gets a MASSIVE bonus when they are + matchup, you get less than half the same bonus for same + match up. 6 moments in a game, nail EVERY bonus circle and still not score a point. Another weekend game, it’ll last you a weekend.

Decently fun game at first, but complete rng (luck) I land every single bonus and I still lose 21 to 10 it’s not at all fair or balanced

I like like you get to play the game not like other games like it is auto and i like when my team has challenges vs a very good team. and it iss so fun

This game is not what you think it is. You just touch yellow circles all game. You’re not actually playing football. Such a shame.

very fun and addictive. the best football game on the playstore in my opinion also has no adds. don’t have to spend money to upgrade.

Really simple yet enjoyable and addicting. Also doesn’t make you feel like you have to constantly spend money just to keep up with the game. Of course you can spend some cash to get ahead a lot faster but never seems like you HAVE to. Only about ten games in so this could change but so far so good. I highly recommend if you love football and want something that is simple yet engaging that wont feel like its constantly robbing you or shoving ADS down your throat. Hope to see you on the field.

I have gotten a defensive back 6 times in a row after opening packs and I need better cards than this garbage please give me something different.

Excellent graphics, but game is too automated. You basically just tap the screen icons at the select times and watch the cut scenes to see how the play turns out. Also, every single play begins at the end zone. No kickoffs, no downs to gain yardage to advance up field, no manual effort to get to the end zone is required. I understand this isn’t Madden football, but there should be more actual hands on playing.

I liked the game until it reset itself and I can’t recover my team I had, which was over 900 ranking. Now I lost everything and will uninstall and never play again.

It is fun and all, but when you finish season, there isn’t anything else to do. If you could add more games or more things to do, that would be a 5 star game easly.

Another decent and fun game ruined by cheaters. Seriously if you download this game avoid the events as its full of cheats. I made it to 1000 points milestone event went into another game and it said “check internet connection” nothing wrong with my wifi then the game restarts and i have dropped 40 odd places in leaderboards and lost nearly 300 points. It did this 4 times in a row so i gave up. So be warned Devs need to sort this out as its no fun anymore

This game is addicting. Love playing this football game. Especially trying and get that green mark is exciting.

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