Boom Slingers – Fight your way up the seasonal leaderboards

[Game] Boom Slingers

Boom Slingers  Be ready to cause chaos!

Boom Slingers is a new explosive turn-based action game! Fight in 1v1 physics-based battles against players around the world. Collect weapons, characters and emotes. Fight your way up the seasonal leaderboards.

Unlock and upgrade over 40 different weapons and over 50 different Slingers. Battle in quick-to-play 1v1 battles in maps that change daily and participate in weekend events every weekend.

Collect weapons, characters, gems and coins from the Boom Pass which changes every month!


1v1 turn-based multiplayer in quick-to-play battles
40+ Unique weapons
50+ Characters
20+ Emotes
New Arenas Daily
Global Leaderboard
Destructible terrains.
Play with a friend
Weekend events
Mysteries to unfold

Boom Slingers is the best worms-like experience for mobile!

Slingers are small cross-dimensional creatures who discover their universe through epic 1v1 battles.

No one knows where they came from, but they will definitely duel until the end of time.

Boom Slingers is optimized and play tested with low-end android devices.

The game runs on live servers. A good network connection is required to play the game. Duels can happen against bots if servers are running low on players.

Boom Slingers is completely free-to-play, but it has an in-app currency (Gem) to speed up some progressions of the game.

The game includes ads, but are not forced to be able to play the game.

Leaderboard rank and rankings will reset at the beginning of each month.

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Boom Slingers user reviews :

I usually never review games, but this one is an exception. The game itself is easy to play, but can be challenging, the tactics used are fun to develop. The little jokes and characters throughout are well written. I also like that there is an OPTION to pay for items, but there are still reasonable ways to get the same stuff by playing. All around a very good little game.

I enjoyed the game overall but the things I did not like was when you disconnect it takes away a lot of your points. For instance of you are in an arena and your wifi fails you lose a life. It also sucks for me because my phone will glitch out and disconnect me and I lose a lot of points. I’m not saying to completely stop taking a disconnect points but if you are in an arena I don’t get why it would take away your life.

This game is amazing, but there are a couple things that could be fixed. 1, PLEASE allow players to mix and match teams, like have one puppy, one nacho, and one penguin. I have 23 something teams, and I would love to use multiple. 2, please make achievements do something. 3, You can only level up by upgrading cards. Please change this. And 4, please add different game modes. I’m thinking a 3 person game, maybe a king of the hill? Either way, this is an amazing game, and I really, really like it.

It’s awesome!But a small glitch- when we disconnect,it always losess us. If possible,fix it and all all is nice in this game.It is a little hard to reach from one rank to another. The trophy requirement increase when we jump from one rank to another. Other all is nice ! Good graphics, nice powers,fancy characters and many all!

Do not listen to the people who say it is pay to win, bc i havent spent a dime and im doing super good. This is a great and underrated game.(not a bot:)Edit: i continue to love this game i am max level and i hope the devs decide to add more bc this is the only game that i have kept longer than a couple months, i also decided to buy the boom pass to support the devs. Keep up the good work

Five Star Game. I love this game. It’s very stadigectic and has a great sense of humor. I’m surprised that none is talking about the time I got a “Warm Friendly Handshake” From Galactic Cat. Best screen shot ever. I loved the arena Challenge where you only had 6 jumps, a sword, a baseball bat and a self des! That was the best! Five Star Game.

Everything about this game is wonderful, save for the issues I’ve had with the friendly battles option. I will host a game, and give the code to a friend, and after they enter the code they will be paired with a random instead of me. I have not successfully begun a single friendly battle. Love the game, but this has been an issue definitely

I love watching this game evolve. Its has been a favorite for sometime now and keeps adding new stuff. Its fun to emote other people before you destroy their hopes of winning. I love how there’s little punishment for losing and ties are the best part of the game. I wish leveling up was a bit faster tho

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