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[App] Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker

Boosted  Achieve more by improving your productivity with the Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker app.

Understand your habits with insightful reports and improve your productivity and time management with various productivity tools like the Pomodoro timer and simple time tracking.

Understanding is the first step to progress
Improving your habits is the shortest path to self-improvement. The most effective way to do this is to understand them first. By tracking your time, you’ll be able to understand your current habits and you’ll be able to use this knowledge to build better ones.

Time tracking should be as effortless as possible
To spend the day effectively, you need to invest your time wisely. By using the productivity and time management tools in Boosted, you can make better use of your time.

We are constantly striving to make Boosted as simple as possible so that it works for you and not the other way around. Effortless time tracking – that’s our goal.

Let’s start the change
We want to help you reach your goals and we believe Boosted is a great tool for that. That’s why we are constantly improving the app so you can have an awesome experience on your journey of self-improvement.

Here are some of the key features that Boosted gives you:

Single click time tracking for all of your activities
Stay organized by splitting your projects into smaller tasks
Pomodoro timer, countdown timer, and many other productivity tools
Export your data to CSV
Control your time tracking quickly from the notification bar
Keep your data safe with Google Drive backups
View detailed reports and statistics of all your tracked time
View all of your tracked activities in a calendar
Stay productive even at night with the Dark mode
No ads – stay focused without unnecessary distractions

We value your privacy.
Boosted doesn’t store any of your personal data on our servers. All the time tracking data is stored on your phone.

You can optionally backup your data to a private folder in your Google Drive. These backups will only be accessible by the Boosted app.

You can also export your data to a CSV file and you will have full control over where that will be stored.

We love feedback!
You can always contact us at if you have any questions or if you want something new in the app. We listen to all the feedback we get from you because we want to create an app that fits your needs!

Take control of your time by installing Boosted for FREE!

Boosted user reviews :

There’s too many things to click to navigate to where you want. I paid for the premium, but found the toggle menu to be a hassle. Why can’t we choose our default landing page? Why must timeline be our default? Why can’t we access our projects with one click? Why isn’t there a dedicated page for projects? Why can we only access it from the timeline? Why can’t we resize the font? There’s just so much in lack of customizability that the app unfortunately feels clunky to use compared to other apps.

This app is free. It seems to be designed around tracking time for projects. You’re able to define tasks underneath the main project in order to get granular tracking of a project. The design of the app is a bit odd because the calendar and the timeline view doesn’t seem the most useful yet it is a main part of the core navigation. The reports look decent but functionally, it doesn’t always provide a legend for the colours of each project which makes it harder to read the graph.

Very good app. Really like its workflow. One feature I would really like is stand-alone tasks that do not have to be attached to a project. Sometimes a quick meeting is scheduled and it would be nice to be able to track it without requiring a project for it.

Edit 7/8: Still love the app. Still wishing for Cal integration with Google and free text field for more description of activity. A+ Great Functions but UI is small. The top navigation is cut off on my phone for some reason (Pixel 5) which makes it tough to get the drop down menu. If the UI was bigger, if I could add a note to the time block I just worked and the calendar could sync with Google this would be ideal for me. But so far best I can find. Nice work! Will buy pro after some more use.

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