Bread Kittens – Save and collect as many kittens as you can

[Game] Bread Kittens

Bread Kittens  Take a journey into the world of Catlandia where innocent kittens are being brainwashed by the evil ChowCorp and held from their free will!

Save and collect as many kittens as you can by breading them, travel through each region to find unique kittens, and bake delicious bread to wear on your cat to help in battles!

Collect tons of RARE and UNIQUE kittens in every region!
BREAD your favorite cat breed and try not to laugh!
Unlock BREAD RECIPES to make your kittens STRONGER!
Enjoy the BEAUTIFUL HD art and animations!
Capture and NAME your own kitten!
LEVEL UP your kittens to prepare for boss battles!

Only YOU can help and save them all from ChowCorp! Kittens are waiting!


Play with your favorite kitten and rescue MANY more into your collection
Fun, easy to play, and entertaining for all ages
Beautiful HD art and animation to capture the experience
Train your team to beat your opponents
Earn TONS of achievements and earn in-game rewards
Unlock NEW recipes to bread your kittens and give them a boost in battles!
Each kittens has unique attack, health, and speed stats
Capture all the Rare and Unique kittens to make your team undefeatable

Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you!
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Bread Kittens user reviews :

After a couple weeks, game progress was “corrupted” and the cloud save file wouldn’t load. Don’t bother unless you only play casually and don’t mind starting from scratch over and over.

I picked up this game again for nostalgia when I used to play it on the iPad. It’s a nice game to play for a while, just very full of grinding. Gaining new or rare cats don’t feel very rewarding though because every feral cat you fight is just about on par with your own cat, like they do more damage feral and then when you capture them their attack points are pretty piddly so it’s almost like stats don’t even really matter. At least, it’s not very noticeable so it continues to feel like a grind.

i absulutly loved this game it was not laggy and it saved everything! but now………..I finally get the tiger and my game doesn’t save…………bread kitten owners pls fix this i even spent real money on this game and it all whent to a waste ps: no hard feelings……now i have to restart the game AND I DONT GET MY MONEY BACK……….or my t-tiger ps again : people always make sure your double checking to see if it has saved I hope this helped you!

Really good I’ve played this game for many years and I’ve played this game in many different accounts and I always loved it! Really do recommend. I’ve also played bread dogs too! Just live it!

This game was seriously my favourite game out of any but then i try to log in one day and…it didnt save i dont know how im supposed to have my progress saved but i would really like to know….So please fix it. And if you fix it ill rate it a full 5 star rating.

Im a big fan of this game! It is very nostalgic to return to the game that I played a long time ago :) its a great game.

Really nice, I do like it though sometimes its hard to get resources to bread cats Nice game overall

Buggy. Some buttons won’t work. It’s really gone downhill.

Amazing app! It’s like Pokemon reinvented and I love it! Almost like a Warrior Cats and Pokemon crossover! I played this years ago and It’s still as fun as I remember! Thanks for the great time Bread Kittens!

This is one of the greatest games I have ever played! However, sometimes, my game crashes, And I lose ALL my progress. I save to that cloud, but the game doesn’t save past timber forest. please fix! And, On Samsung devices (such as mine) I can’t access the adoption center, which will keep me from obtaining every cat in the game. That’s kinda frustrating, I WILL rate 5 stars if you fix these issues. (Adoption center one being my priority)

Bread Kittens is the most enjoyable game I’ve played for a long time, and it is one that I will never find boring or bad. Even though, there are two things that annoy me.1# For some reason I can’t save to the cloud ,2# if I don’t close the app on the map/home screen I lose ALL of my progress. If you could fix these bugs and glitches that would the game be perfect.

This game is so fun I used to play it all the time with my sister when I was younger I got so addicted to the cats and bread its so cute

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