Buddy Jumper – Make your Buddy run and jump through world

[Game] Buddy Jumper

Buddy Jumper  Make your Buddy run and jump through a beautiful and colorful world.

As a jumper: jump higher and again, shoot blue fireballs and dematerialize enemies.

Find and use your super powers: SUPER JUMP, SUPER RUN, LOW GRAVITY and INVINCIBILITY.

Musical Party: every 3 hours fill up with hearts, balls and much more.

How to play

You can choose your Buddy (Boy Buddy, Girl Buddy or the new Panda Buddy) at the beginning of the game.

You can dematerialize enemies with fireballs or jumping on them.

Use arrows to move around and run.
Use the A button to shoot fireballs. You can get more smashing blocks.
Use the B button to jump. Some blocks are hidden, discover them to jump higher.
Collect 100 coins to get a heart. You lose one heart when an enemy touchs you. If an enemy touchs you and you have no remaining hearts, the game ends. If you fall through space, the games ends.

Every level has 3 stars, discover and collect them all.
If you collect all coins in a level you get a blue star.

Buddy Jumper has over 50 levels. Collect more stars in order to unlock levels (some require a certain number of stars, others a certain number of blue stars).

Are you a runner or a jumper?
In this jump & run game you can be both. You can choose your jumpy buddy (more buddies coming soon) and remember that your buddy can get a super power. There are several types of super powers.
The most useful one is super jump, with it you can repeatedly jump, so you can almost fly. Another important one is super run, with it you can run like you have an hyper drive and go faster than a train.
If you prefer to reach higher platforms don’t forget the low gravity super power, with it your jumps are huge.
With invincibility lastly you cannot die, neither if you fall.
So catch them all.

Kangaroo zone: in the kangaroo zone you can jump higher and higher! Absolutely funny

If you play everyday you get a daily prize. It can be a basket of balls, an heart or one of the super powers.

Make your buddy run and suggest Buddy Jumper to your best friends: enjoy playing and jumping.

Buddy Jumper user reviews :

If you like Super Mario, you will love this game! It is a classic platformer jumper scrolling game with great control that lets you go left or right. If you forget to get/do something you can always go back and to try to accomplish this. You can choose among several characters. The animation is smooth. Graphics are colorful.

This is a fantastic mario style game with crisp graphics and gameplay to keep you occupied for a long time. The jumping, shooting and extra abilities dynamic gives rise to various ways to gather collectibles and the many levels will provide a long standing challenge. Excellent!

Fun little platformer to pass the time. Very cute design

Easily 5 stars. Well designed. A fun endless runner platformer. Simple to play. Clear controls. I like the integrated tutorial right on the game play screen that disappears after you read and touch. Very nice job!

Simple to play and the graphics look great, good job

Pretty fun run and gun platform game. Would recommend if you like the classics

Awesome game! Best Platform Jumper I’ve played so far! Keep up the good work.

Love this jumper game. It is a game option for kids during their playtime. Brilliant graphics and clear ideas.

Lovely game. Nice graphics easy to play. Great game to spend some time while travelin. Loved it!

Very nice buddy jumper game.. Graphics are very interactive and characters are super cute, I like panda character .Kudos to Dev team.. Recommended

Simple to understand. Is not too challenging in the early stages, so I could learn how to use it before it became more advanced

My 5 year old loves this app. So fun for him to jump and score

Fun game with great concepts, ideas and surprises. Recommended!

Really good platformer game. Tight controls and very responsive and addicting

Great retro 2d platformer, lots of fun and well worth downloading especially as its FREE! 5*

This is very addicting. It’s a unique version of mario. Try it out. You’ll love it!

Really fun with fluid game mechanics! Nice job!

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Download Buddy Jumper from Play Store

Thanks to DevNetPlanet for sharing Buddy Jumper

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