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Bundled Notes  Bundled Notes is a beautiful, intuitive cross platform notes, writing, lists, reminders and to-do app.

Pro users can access and manage their notes on any device with a web browser, with instant syncing to the web app at bundlednotes.com

You create bundles where you control the sort order, tags, layout and to-do features, and then fill them with content – notes, rich articles, reminders, recipes, to-do items, journal entries, or anything you can think of!


A unique, powerful architecture for organising notes and making lists.
Instant online, cross-device syncing.
A web app available at bundlednotes.com (⭐pro feature)
Free syncing between Android devices & chromebooks.
A native markdown editor with a formatting bar
Kanban boards
A rich tagging system, with filtering, to-do tags, and custom to-do actions.
Light, dark and OLED themes (all free!)
Pinned & one-time reminders (free) + recurring reminders (⭐ pro).
Pin notes to notifications.
Grid, card and compact note options.
Manual, edited time, created time, alphabetical and tag-based sort orders.
A beautiful interface and animations.

Bundled Notes is the product of sole developer creating a passion project. As much as its a feature-rich powerful notes service, the Android Bundled app is also a passion project for my design and animation efforts!

You can join the community, follow updates and request features on: www.reddit.com/r/bundled

Bundled Notes user reviews :

I have tried a lot of apps while trying to move away from Google Keep and I think this is the best I’ve tried! However, I think one of the most powerful features of Keep is how it handles check boxes. They get moved to a bottom section when checked, go back to where they were when unchecked, and can be indented/nested. This is amazing for often packing for trips and not forgetting things. That would be an awesome functionality of Bundled Notes if it could be added in the future. Thank you!

Beautiful and powerful! I just had this app downloaded today and after taking time to get to know what it does I’m amazed. I have been using Google Keep as my default notes app but this one right here does things a whole lot better and more. I love how simplistic it look but it’s got powerful features to make note taking a great experience. I love the minimalist style and the dash of color to tags are great as I’m a visual person, so overly simplistic UI’s bore me. Thank you so much!

I love this app. Making tags for each note helps me stay organized. This is the best note taking app i have used by far. I like that each tag can have an action to switch to another tag or be archived. I would love it if they created sort of an “audit trail” when switching. For instance, “want tv” switched to “watched tv” on 2020-12-28. If they did that, this could function as an excellent workplace productivity app.

What I’ve seen so far with Bundled Notes is that it offers simplified tag-based note taking, but with enhanced features that the average bear can immediately start using. One thing I would suggest that Xavier implement, soon as possible, is a search option / icon at the bottom of the main screen; where we can search across All bundled notes. However, for 1.0 version, this app is highly usable and functional. Bravo.

Truly an excellent note taking app. I have used a lot of the popular note taking apps but this one is one of a kind. But I wish the developers added the redo action button to the notes because if I backspace anything by mistake , then it becomes a real bother. And I also ask the devs to make the recurring reminders eligible for the free users. It would be a really useful feature for all…..

This is an absolutely gorgeous app, complete with light, dark, and oled themes. The notes are super colorful and the bundles feature is awesome! I love the tags featureand the whole system of organization this app provides. This is by far the best note taking app on the play store. Overall, a beautiful, ultra-powerful app for all your listing and note taking needs.

The only notes app you need. Easy and fun to use, and well worth the pro membership. Keep up the great work! One small feature I’d like to see is, when setting recurring reminders, to be able to set them as every other week/monthly/yearly/custom reminders as is possible with Google Calendar, for example (unless I’m missing something). I don’t necessarily want my repeatables to repeat every week.

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