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BuriedTown  Buried Town is a free zombie survival apocalypse game. One of the most attracting text games and story games ever. One of the dreadful horror zombie games ever. One of the most intense survival games ever. Buried Town is a unique hybrid of zombie survival games and text adventure games. It hits 10 million downloads worldwide, and it’s FREE! Player has to face unknown situation and survive till the very last day on battleground. Just start your text story games adventure trail now! Start one of you text games or story games here now!

Your last day travel and adventure ended in a southern town. But the real trouble and adventure has just started. When you floated on an isolated island, you found you’re the only survivor on this island and the whole world around you is the walking dead zombies and unkilled enemies. This war of walking dead zombies has just started. Modern civilization has been destroyed. You need to face starvation, plague, infection, disease, and fight the war against endless walking dead zombies. How long can you survive in this very last day of living earth life?

You are trying to survive in this zombie survival apocalypse world. Start your zombie text games adventure. While trying to get rid of hunger, horror, fear, plague, infection, disease, you also need to face endless walking dead zombies approaching towards your shelter. Don’t get starved, use you survival crafting skill to build a shelter and defend your shelter. At the beginning, you’ll get a radio which offers you a bridge to connect to the outside world. Are you the last human being on earth? No clue yet.

Try to search and collect materials and resources. Use them to craft shelters and repair fences. Practice you survival craft skills. This crafting skill can be useful when you face those endless walking dead zombies. This war of zombies and you is much easier if you keep crafting your shelter. Improve your strategy and create more deadly weapons against walking dead zombies. Learn more crafting skills and be a zombie hunter!

In you shelter, a dog will keep you alarmed of those dreadful and endless walking dead zombies. Keep vigilant and don’t let zombies hurting your dog. Maybe the dog is the only living being around you and makes you feel not alone. Just survive with your dog in this post apocalyptic battleground.

A unique apocalypse zombie survival game based on simple text-based storyline. Simple text story games feature and graphic expression gives you an unforgotten experience. Put on your headphone to enjoy better survival apocalypse games experience. Let your terror and obsession out. Survive on a territory that belongs to your deep inner heart.

You’re alone in this post apocalyptic world. But NPCs may pop up to offer you some opportunities. Trade with them and balance your belongings. You may call it “this business of mine”.

Use an old school radio to connect to the outside world. Talk to other players around the world. Use your text games or story games experience to live. You’ll not feel so desperately alone in this zombie survival world.

Just to let you know, Buried Town developer team only contains three game fans. They developed Buried Town to pay tribute to those fascinating survival games which made our survival games history more colorful and entertaining.

Buried Town is just a zombie survival game for entertaining. Please do not take any part of this game as your real wilderness survival guide. We want to make Buried Town one of the most attractive zombie apocalypse horror survival games just for you.

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BuriedTown user reviews :

Pros: rogue-like and challenging, the music is really well done and gives a good atmosphere. Cons: you have a dog and a you can do with it is feed it and it’ll help you defend. Lost opportunity there to bring the dog with you to help fight in POIs. Once your infected your always infected. Using medicine often to keep infection down is extremely annoying and it keeps health from being 100%. Guns break extremely fast which is very annoying when you’re at high threat levels. Trading is terrible

I am willing to give this game 5 stars for being playable without micro purchases and no bugs that I’ve seen. I’ve sunk some hours into it and I’m still enjoying it, but it’s just a standard resource management/ text combat game. There’s also no winning, which is fine for me, but others might not love. Haven’t personally cracked 30 days yet but I’m slowly learning

Would like it if more food provisions were available on the map also less on the materials since I can’t use spare parts or anything even before I upgrade stuff one by one, debuff some zombies attacks and health if possible since I still don’t like having my health lower than 50 in 2 or 3 rooms at a time which makes me run out of food and precious resources faster other than that I keep coming up with different ways to survive and I keep getting better with each try but stuck at day 20 or 23

I love this game, it has a really nice style to it. I like how there are multiple stats to take care of. Though the game is repeitive, it provides a challenge and goals, making me want to play over and over again. Sometimes, this game can be pretty unforgiving. You NEED items to survive and if you don’t have one item, but have everything else, your dead. I was injured and couldn’t find bandages, I didn’t unlock the doctor either, so I died at day 28.

Pretty fun but never gets updated it seems. Just encountered a bug today, and it is the second time I have run into it. The first time was a year ago when I first played it, and it has still not been fixed. If you equip this ranged weapon called the WT-4 or something like that, and if you equip it you wont fight back. At all. You wont shoot, you wont melee, you will just stand there and die and it has been this way since the game came out. Never been fixed and nothing new added lately.

The game is fun, challenging, and easy to play without spending money! It gets very difficult around the winter which is why i’ve rated 4 stars. If it were just a tad easier to survive during the cold months, and if the enemies didn’t soar in difficulty after a few buildings it would’ve been a 5 star rating.

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