Burning Sky – Are you ready to become the ultimate Ace Pilot

[Game] Burning Sky – Aircraft Combat 3D

Burning Sky   The classic has returned!

Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat 3D is a simple, yet entertaining 90’s arcade-style shooter.

It’s a retro vertically scrolling shooter game, brought back in modern dogfight style, better and greater!

Enjoy the excitement “Burning Sky” presents to you, the thrill that only a combat shooter game can give!

Are you ready to become the ultimate Ace Pilot?
Blast your way through enemy ships!
Dominate the aerial dogfight!

Countless fun and exciting combat stages
Evade enemy attacks, and fight against POWERFUL BOSSES!

Various fighters and drones
Acquire new skills by upgrade & evolution.

Vertically scrolling shooter with amazing 3D graphics
Enjoy the retro “Shoot ’em up” game and reminisce the 1942, 1945 & Raiden style.

Fast and easy game maneuver
Play anywhere and any time you want with just a finger!

The ultimate aerial dogfight
Rank top of the leaderboard, and accomplish the achievements.
Compete with your fellow pilots around the world!

Play now! The ultimate 3D flight shooter, “Burning Sky: Aircraft Combat 3D”

Be sure to save the game data before deleting the game or switching devices.



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Retro Shooting: Plane Shooter 3D


E-mail : shmup.holic[at]gmail.com
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Burning Sky user reviews :

This game is awesome. Please add some more planes and levels to make the game more awesome. Also, please reduce the percentage of how many coins you must collect, how many enemies you should shoot down, and how many HP you should at least, keep while completing the level on each difficulty to make the game easier.

Was kinda fun and kinda difficult. I even paid for a fighter and what do i get in exchange: an update which added new enemies(which is cool) and changed their weapons/projectiles, making it even more difficult to avoid getting hit. The author also lengthened the duration you had to wait to reopen the containers, and increased the price for acquiring skills(those green gems/diamonds)… Shame.

There are SO many game in this genre, way too many. Half of em are big & flashy but with no real quality content & the other half are basically pay to win. However, this one is good. What it has that few others possess is quality. Good graphics, controls, replayability. Only downside is the lack of power ups, but I guess I’ll live without em

The challenge stages are stuck on “loading” and I’ve yet to do one. The daily missions are not refreshing. The daily ads are not updating… I wiped the data(reinstalled as well) and Play games did not save progress. The daily ads did not refresh after. On the plus, it supports a Note9 stylus. Edit, got everything working, but thru a VPN.. not great.

The game itself is great. The control are responsive. The sound is good. However, just like Retro Shooting, it don’t have slowmo when the ship not controled. Even after a Pause, it give 3 secs countdown instead of a slowmo. From an hour of playtime, most of the money didn’t come from finishing a level, but from completing task, achivement, challenge, and Ads. Repeating a level doesn’t reward much

Initially promising but quickly becomes very dull and repetitive. All good shooters need in-game power-ups, but in Burning Sky, there are none. Instead, you have to evolve each plane inbetween missions, which involves collecting coins and gems. Naturally, this process is painfully slow. But never fear – you can speed up the evolution by watching loads of 30 second ads or buying coins and gems. Basically, it’s your typical shameless cash grab. Uninstalled.

Awesome game especially when enemies come from up, actually it’s my favorite game like 1945, 19442 please lounch tokeyo game which I have played in 1990s this was very wonderful game ONLY ONE COMPLAINT IT’S ABOUT ADS SOMETIMES ADDS DIDN’T PLAY NOW IT’S 1138 HOURS AS PER MY COUNTRY TIME.

This shooter seems to be an extremely fair game- ads are optional for bonuses and even tho the rate of growth seems slow its understandable for a game i may be playing for a long time…. try it if u like top down shooters like me!

Nicely done! Wish there was more cool tones in game play though.

Nice!!!…awesome shooter guys,,,keep the updates coming..

Great fun absolutely loving it

Love it!!! Another gr8 game.. Thumbs up!

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