Call of Modern Warfare – Time to show your battle skills

[Game] Call of Modern Warfare

Call of Modern Warfare  This is an offline New FPS game!

Challenging stages of Counter Terrorist Ops game where you decide the end of modern battlefield with the best FPS game. It’s time to show your battle skills.

This offline shooting game based on compelling FPS Commando Missions making it best commando games play. Commando missions are full of covert operations in this offline Shooting Game.

This is an action survival shooter war game. You are one of the special forces in battlefield to accomplish your tasks. Take out the enemy and protect ally. Show some commando actions and enjoy commando adventures.


If you want to play offline fps game, then you can enjoy this call of war story with offline fps shooter experience in this Army games: Gun Shooting. Great realistic sounds effects, compelling graphics and high AI of enemy in this mobile FPS shooter game.


Awesome controls in this army games. All you need is just aim, press trigger and shoot all the dangerous enemy.

Variety of ARSENAL:
Unique modern weapons to choose, unlock new weapons and then use them in next stages. Use sniper rifle for long range assassination, assault rifle for counter terrorist purpose as special commando. Or want superior fire? Try the machineguns!

The enemies you face are extremely dangerous, some of them are even highly trained special forces. Show them commando shooting skills with most compelling and challenging mission.
Oh, and watch out for enemy’s drones and RPG!

FPS War shooting:
The ultimate challenging task in this Best CS game is to invade the enemy heavily guarded area, strike at enemy base, face the enemy’s well-trained special forces with your excellent modern weapons, and then, complete your mission!

Call of Modern Warfare user reviews :

Its an amazing game.. Nice graphics,Good gameplay. So smooth gameplay, and there is a ton of guns that you can use and buy The money depends on how much you kill and if you killed 10 ppl then you will have 10000 dollers.Fantastic gameplay but there is only one problem that is that i think im actually playing with bots cuz they are only getting 1 or 2 kills and im actually getting 12 or 11 kills in my first game But i really did enjoy the smooth graphics and the game. Really loved it, do try it.

Great game. It feels like I’m shooting bots. Just the accruacy. When I shoot the gun just puts my camera up. So I shoot upper. Pls remove that feature. I know it makes it realistic but it’s really hard to shoot.

Good entertaining game! But i’ve not seen missions. It is just like playing counter strike after clearing enemies it goes victory and repeat again. I’m looking for long way missions to finish. Such as rescuing, penetrate enemy borders with specific command and changing weapon to use.

Seriously ? It looks like the people giving it 5 stars or either kids who are enjoying killing bots without turning on fire button in a fps game or paid reviews.the game barely even has real players and some sort of,there’s no Hud layout customization why ? Aren’t the gun prices too high ? Well…what else can be expected from a developer who can’t make a original name for his game,even most of the screenshots Are stolen from cod mw.the ads are the only thing they put effort on.

It’s actually a good game but it’s also a commercial-fest..I don’t have the patience for a commercial between every single screen, level, and breath..get rid of at least half of the ads and it’s a 5star game.

It’s not a game that you can play for hours on end without getting bored, but for a time killer it’s not half bad. Movement feels laggy and weapon animations feel like they were kind of slapped together. It’s not the game you see in the ad, but it is an ok game that’s good for killing time.

This game is really I watched the ad of this game and played too it is very . Those who tells that they don’t like this game it has auto shooting they wanted to make bad of this game on purposly . But I. Really love this game . It has multiplayer options too . Nice game keeo it up . And please update this games then this will he very good and everyon will like it . And if it has 25 to 45 second then keep the patient . They don’t have patience . Good game love it

Its a nice game but there are some issues on the controls,,, it is working but not very well,,,, but i would to say i like this game… the game play and the graphics are good… i love it….

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