Candy Blast World – Explore a world full of surprises

[Game] Candy Blast World – Match 3

Candy Blast World  Welcome to the ! Christmas Special Edition!

Candy Blast World is a classic elimination game!

Game features:

Move the candies to match 3 or more!
Unlock skills, release cool magic, and make clearing easier!
Be our hero and rescue the trapped animals!
Rich items, rewards for free every day!
No internet? no problem! Support offline play!
Easy elimination, unlimited happiness!

Start an adventure: experience the fun of candy elimination, magical special effects, rescue trapped small animals, play simple and interesting levels, and explore a world full of surprises.
Candy Match is a free elimination puzzle game, you can get a wealth of props by watching advertisements, and at the same time, you can get them quickly by paying.

We will update 1~2 versions every month to work hard to improve the quality of the game. When you are like us, when you are bored in your spare time, you will take out your phone to open this game, swipe a few times, and get a moment of happiness~

If you have any questions about the game, you can contact us by email: supercoolgamestudio[at]

Thank you very much to everyone who likes to play candy!
I wish you a happy time in this candy elimination adventure!

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Candy Blast World user reviews :

Fun. Gives you choices on ads and is a great game for kids and casual players. Best I’ve found this far.
  • SuperCandy Games
  • Thank you very much for your praise and recognition! Our game has a moderate amount of advertisements, and you can accept that it is a huge driving force for us to move forward! We are also very grateful for you to watch some advertisements to help us out of the game! I wish you a happy game and a happy life!
Fun game, no annoying ads which is awesome.. I hope it stays that way
  • SuperCandy Games
  • Hello, dear players, thank you for your praise! We are a two-person independent development team. There are a small amount of advertisements in the game. This is our main source of income. This is also to maintain the living expenses of our developers. We will work hard to improve the game content and bring you more interesting game content. thk
So far and up to level 21 I will describe this game app ‘Candy Blast World’ as authentic and fantastic. With a generous amount of coins awarded for every successful level. The boosters and daily awards are also much appreciated. I highly recommend downloading it for the sheer pleasure of playing.
  • SuperCandy Games
  • Dear players, thank you very much for your praise and recommendation! We will continue to work hard to make more interesting and fun content and bring you happiness! I wish you a happy game and a happy life!
It’s a cute game. Graphics are cute, It’s simple and fun
  • SuperCandy Games
  • Dear players, we are very happy to receive your praise, thank you for your recognition and support! We will continue to work hard to make more interesting content for everyone! I wish you a happy game and a happy life!
I really enjoy playing this game, I like the cute characters in the game. Overall the game is fun.
  • SuperCandy Games
  • Beste spelers, bedankt voor je lof en hou van ons spel! We zullen hard blijven werken om meer interessante en leuke inhoud voor iedereen te maken! Ik wens je een gelukkig spel en een gelukkig leven!
Very cute and very good quality.
  • SuperCandy Games
  • Hello, dear players, it is our greatest honor to receive your praise and likes! We will continue to work hard to make the game richer and more interesting, and bring you more happy hours! I wish you a happy game and a happy life!
Just installed it. it does glitches some freezes hope it gets resolved if not I’ll have to uninstall it update besides the flows with the glitches the ads is just as bad you really need to stop it with the ads im thinking about uninstalling it game is nice if you would tone the ads down update developers you claim you didn’t understand what I’m saying here it is you have to much advertising in your game tone down the ads i hope that you understand now nope not buying nothing
  • SuperCandy Games
  • Dear players, we have carefully considered your feedback and reduced the frequency of advertisements. You can download the latest version (1.0.47) to experience it! You can also buy any product to remove ads. Thank you very much for your continued attention, and I wish you a happy game!
So far a mindless game that is quite enjoyable. Only in the beginning stages of the game. I’m liking how few ads there are.
  • SuperCandy Games
  • Hello, dear players! Thank you for your praise, we will continue to work hard to produce more interesting content.
Just downloaded it a few days ago & so far it’s been a great little game.. I haven’t had any problems yet..
  • SuperCandy Games
  • Thank you so much for your praise! If you like this game, it is our greatest motivation! We know that the game still has many shortcomings, thank you for your tolerance of the game. I wish you a happy game and a happy life!

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