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Car Armageddon 2012Car Armageddon 2012  __ It’s not full game, this Pre-Alpha version. __

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Awesome racing and arcade game remaining such famous titles as GTA, Carmageddon, Test Drive and Street Rod series. Trading, global leaderboards, 16 upgradable cars, 16 different missions, unique gameplay, awesome graphics and fabulous soundtrack. Try ski jumping, taxi driving, destroying enemies using weapons!

Car Armageddon 2012 User Reviews:

Looks like a good game but average 7-10fps on DELL Streak 5 is not playable. Default steering wheel doesn’t work, second option works well. (device’s fault). Great game for Carmageddon fans :-)

It’ hard to move the car to the sides because of the steering wheel, they should change it to the movement sensors. The rest is a really godd game

Given it is in pre alpha stage I must say this is a really fun game. I really like the open layout of the map and the graphics are pretty amazing. Also it runs great on my underclocked (to 1 Ghz) Droid 4. **Edit** I feel like the controls are really jerky like if your finger isn’t in the right place it just jumps back to the center, which is really annoying. SUGGESTION: You should add survival mode. Like for every zombie killed 2 more come up.

its very early to say if it is good or not but it has a lot of potencial. Keep the good work :) It would be great if you add joypad suport like Gta. btw it works great on asus TF101.

Just the sort of racing game I was looking for, from the fact that it reminds me of Carmageddon, etc, to the fact that it uses the touchscreen instead of the accelerometer! I’ve never done well with accelerometer-based racing games (i.e. every other 3D racing game there IS, it seems), if you decide to add accelerometer/tilt support, PLEASE keep the touchscreen controls as a option! And keep up the good work!

Car Armageddon 2012 runs perfectly on my rezound using GB ics was laggy as hell. Don’t know if maybe it was updated since I last ran it tho. Not even overclocked. Gotta get some damage modeling in like carmageddon

There are some bugs here and there, don’t like the steering but love the graphics. I would also like to see more vehicle damage and just a few more pittle things .

Car Armageddon 2012 if fun if u like killing zombies

Its a good game but its hard to complete a game without it crashing, please fix the bug!

The drive mode has a bit of difficulty to drive,but the game ia pretty good,also,multiplayers is a good idea….

Hd gameplay and work so good on my touch 4g, but steering wheel is kinda hard for me, when tilt ur phone left & right that’s would be better. They need to add this.

Good game! The only thing is they need to make an updates so you can have tilt steer. The sterring is soooo hard to control! Please fix this and I will give 5 stars!

I like it. I like the freedom and the feel. The new controls are much better. Car handles much better. With every update im loving it more. Very interesting very addictive game. Looking forward to the beta! Sony tablet S

1. People stop complaining about a game in progress. It will get better as updates keep coming. 2. Love the platform. Ihave a feeling this will be a great game once they get all the bugs out. Keep up the good work.

Sweet try. Try putting in some graphics settings. Low/mid/high/ultra. Also you need to add some story to the game. Would make the game more attractive to more people. Also try setting some goals. Btw, find a way to define the edge of the map. A car floating in the scenary because it fell off the map gets booring fast. Try a wall for starters. Keep up the good work. Have fun with it.

Motorolla xt910.first : fantastic graffics)) second : no start up menu, fix it pls. Third : too much drift in the game, make some tips, re adjust controls(need less sensivity), make missions, leveling will pleasure me) and i think zombies cant thrown molotov cocktail. Last: take profit.. thx!

Car Armageddon 2012 is great for an alpha version.. great idea to have zombies shoot at you…keep it going adding storyline, levels, new cities, weaponry etc…. thumbs up… maybe an improvement on using better GL libraries for 3D effect would be great… tegra 2 tf101


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