Car on the Run – Become the most wanted heist driver

[Game] Car on the Run – Epic Chase

Car on the Run  Escape the cops and become the best heist driver!

Rob the bank and escape from the police chase .

Car on the Run: Epic Chase offers an addictive and challenging gameplay with unique retro style graphics where you have to survive waves of increasingly deadly law enforcement as you drive your getaway vehicle from a bank heist. The unique black and white art style, free roaming maps and legendary unlockable vehicles make for an addictive and unforgettable experience.

Escape epic cop chases and become the most wanted heist driver
Unlock legendary vehicles
Find powerups to enhance your car
Rob banks and survive against police units, SWAT , helicopters, military tanks, airstrikes jeeps and more.
Heist all around the world from Italy to Egypt, Paris and India.
Free-roaming maps for action-packed drifting and racing against the cops.

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Car on the Run user reviews :

This is a very good game, the two reasons I am not giving it a five star is: 1. The fast cars are not easy to control 2. I think there should be some form of gas station or some place where you can refill your life bar. With that people playing the game would be able to survive longer and get more points, which I think will make the game more interesting and appealing…

Fun gameplay, but glitchy and crashes. I finished a level and it crashed at the level review. When I got back on it didnt award me any money. Next level I finished the level review didnt make any sense. It gave me so much cash that I was able to buy all the cash vehicles, and I didn’t even do well at all. Three levels, one didnt if count as a completion and I have all cash vehicles.

I really enjoy the game but there are a few elements that detract from the experience. For one, the last vehicle in the game has mounted weapons that do not fire. I saved up 300,000 credits, and was let down when it turned out to not have any added bonuses. Also, mines and missiles are a one shot kill. I think they should be a lot of your health, but not all of it. The mechanic is so punishing it’s near impossible to complete a round. Lastly the wrecking ball powerup is broken and glitches out.
  • Playcore Publishing
  • Hi Christian ,we are happy that you enjoyed the game , so the cars are improving throw increasing their stenght and speed and controlling system. we are working daily to add new features and maps that you have always something to do with the money you collect , we are going to have 3 other new maps and new cars .making a good rating will help us
I really like this game!! It’s got a cool look art style, great sounds and lots of action. It’s challenging and not really easy but not overly hard. I think it’s balanced well. I own 3 cars now and I opened up 2 other cities and am saving for the next car and city!!! Love this game!!! I’m here now installing the update!
  • Playcore Publishing
  • Thank you very much for the review , we are happy that you find our game fun !
Looks cool and all, but you end up being way slower than cops, who ends up wrecking you way too often for you to have fun. You can watch a video after getting wrecked to respawn but you spawn exactly on the same spot where you just died, with way too many cops surrounding you, making you die again instantly. I just “spent” two videos trying to get out of a situation and I died again and again. Good potential, but no fun.
  • Playcore Publishing
  • Hello , thanks for getting in touch . well the game progression is about starting with some basic cars and after that getting new ones which have more capabilities(more speed/more strength etc) , im wondering what car you use on the game , . also you can email us more details here support[at] thank you
The concept of the game is awesome and the gameplay is great but it takes waaaayyy too long to make money to upgrade the cars or get a new map. I literally spent half an hour playing and barely even made enough money to upgrade to the next car. Is there a way I don’t know about to score better points and money? If it takes this long grinding to get to new upgrades it just becomes long and boring and I’ll just stop playing
  • Playcore Publishing
  • Thank you for your suggestions. We have made the collection of game money easier as recommended , please download the last update . Enjoy !

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