Casefile Tokyo Noir – Unravel the mystery behind your brother’s death

[Game] Casefile Tokyo Noir

Casefile Tokyo Noir  Synopsis

You’ve taken up work as a freelance journalist in an effort to unravel the mystery behind your brother’s death. You’ve set up your office above his best friend’s café, but haven’t found any leads—until a mysterious man hires you to tail a young yakuza leader to a bar.

This dangerous criminal seems to know you and your brother already. Before you can get more information, however, the bar is raided by police and you’re soon sitting across from a handsome detective in an interrogation room.

Alongside these three men, you’re thrown into a deadly web of crime, suspense, and romance that takes you to the darkest corners of Tokyo. Finding unexpected connections, you continue to piece together the puzzle behind your past. Will those responsible face justice, or will you and your new love end up on the long list of victims?


Sho – The Hard-boiled Detective
Your brother’s old partner, a no-nonsense detective with a perpetually dark gaze. Sho grew suspicious of the circumstances surrounding your brother’s death and began his own private investigation. Despite his seeming reluctance, he agrees to let you in on the case.

Rui – The Café Owner
Your brother’s classmate and best friend at university, Rui is a kind and gentle man who can’t stand to ignore anyone in trouble. After your brother’s death, you had no one to turn to, so he let you move into the apartment above his café. He’s the only person you truly trust, but everyone has their secrets…

Kento – The Yakuza Leader
A cold-hearted, intimidating yakuza leader with a piercing gaze. Rumored to be merciless and unpredictable, he’s a source of trouble for both the police and other yakuza families. He seems to have information about the death of your brother and frequently toys with you, but his involvement feels strangely personal…

Casefile Tokyo Noir user reviews :

The story & music do have classic noir vibes, like a vintage detective show. I like the ML variety. More emotional, but quite tame and non-spicy for noir. Downside is that MC isn’t a strong character (tho she IS a sad mess bc of the plot). Also, I always pay for dimonds but SOME options made me go “why is that a paid option when it’s basic decency?” All premiums should be a luxury that defines MC’s preferences, not basic common sense. Some non-premium choices make MC look dumb, and that’s not fair.

Haven’t finished this story, and it has already led me into an enamored endeavor. All of your novels have the finest characteristics, giving one great options to further customize endless journeys, bringing satisfaction, wonder, awe, appreciation of beauty, and a different way of seeing things. Blending ideas and concepts in A culmination of smooth and surprisingly fluid readability. I only come to you Genius

I usually love genius games but this one was just so bland, as well as the other newer games—if the time was taken to work on a story for longer and figure out ehat could make it better or come up with better ideas for plot that would be much better than having constant games every week that decreases in quality each time. Loving the art though.

This story wasnt really adult or that romantic, tbh:( Buut it was a cute story that was worth reading. It was also pretty tame on the action which was kinda wierd being its genre as Noir, like the old time gangster stories. I think it could have been fantastic for older readers (it had alot of potential) but it was TOO toned down. It was good but not great, sadly.

It’s a big meh. The story is okay. The MC is a mess. It feels like Genius Inc games have decreased in quality (except the art which has gotten way better) . Recent stories have been either childish or extremely vanilla. I would like a more mature story. Maybe an erotica? Probably won’t happen though. At least make the characters have a bit of sexual tension with the MC for realism.

I loved the game and story. I don’t know why there is negative comments. But I think real life is not a fairytale. This story was exactly like real life. And also I love mafia stuffs. I don’t know why. So that’s why I loved this game. Characters are so handsome. So don’t know about others but you guys didn’t disappoint me.

This game is incredible. I love it so much . The story is so much fun. I love the characters so much too. The graphics are a piece of art.

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