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[Game] Castle Craft – World War

Castle Craft  In Castle Craft, the real-time PVP strategy game, it is your skills that decide the outcome of a battle.

Form different types of armies by deploying Commanders and units to catch the opponent off guard.

Show your strategic skills.
Counter your opponents by responding to their strategies with diverse and dynamic gameplay.
Freely choose Commanders and units with different mechanisms to win.

You can level up your Commander and unit cards to make them stronger.

Always go for new strategies.
Don’t forget to scout the enemy base. Find out what your opponent is doing and respond by expanding your base and adding unit cards with a special strategy for victory.

Try your own comp in the meta that is constantly changing.
Create armies with different commanders and units each time to test out your strategy.
Astonish players around the world with your creativity.

Rise to the top and become the best.
Experience many battles to become the best conqueror and achieve rewards given to conquerors.
Accomplish Expedition Missions that change every season and earn additional rewards.

Join a Guild to share your strategies and battle records.
Compete with other guilds with your guild members.
Share strategies while competing with others and earn fame.
Obtain gifts and victory rewards given daily and watch your Guild grow.

Now is the time to become the best conqueror with your brilliant mind.
Play the game now and show how you will conquer!

Castle Craft user reviews :

Loved Castle Burn, love Castle Craft – World War. The best mobile RTS game available. Better graphics, smoother gameplay. Only wish that the animations/cool down time for troop activities would be shorter, so the matches would be faster. Also hope that the Devs fix the match making algorithm, so that lower ranked players wouldn’t be matched against such high ranked players. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Rather than saying that this game is a ripoff of Clash Royale, it almost feels like Clash Royale is an immitation of this game. Castle Craft has superior game mechanics and the art style is extremely good, much more up my alley than other games of this genre’s cartoony art styles. There’s also a rock-paper-scissors type of mechanic for certain units that counter others. The only thing I an really nitpick is that I hate when games have battlepasses, but it’s a free mobile game, so it’s whatever.

Actually, this game surprised me. Gameplay is quite good and the concept is interesting. Would like it to be less greedy when it comes to “buy and boost”. But, for now, it seems enough f2p friendly for anyone to join and have a good time. really, really liked it.

i can’t give more than 3 star for some reasons: -the game has the same problem from all in this style that is only open 1 chest(over 3h open) at a time so u can’t barely play each day -no fair matches(every rank advance usually is a pain) -bad optimization(i have a mi 5x it run pokemon unite smooth but this game lags) —— game isn’t bad but besides the notorious pay 2 adavance fast i don’t blame that, the game is just a new clash royale style on market but i liked the strategy feel indeed GL

I’m super happy to have this as a replacement for the old CastleBurn 3v3 game. I was so sad to see it disappear, but this game is so much more refined and aesthetically pleasing, so far I’m enjoying it a lot. Haven’t played a lot yet, so 4 star is just a place holder to see if I find something to critique later on, otherwise, it’s an easy 5 at the moment.

I’m guessing you used clash royales chest opening times as inspiration. It doesn’t work as well with this game. Reduce 3hr chests to 30mins or 1hr. We want to play your game but we have to wait because of chests. Plus, everything is expensive so we won’t use gems to open chests that only have 3 cards in them.

Good game good concept till face legendary unit in novice match lv. that way tooooo cheat, no matter how you plan it can kill normal unit in just 1-2 hit also have AOE atk.-*- With this feel like another P2W game. and co-op mode seem boring

Is there any pve events beside just pvp? The game is still a solid game on just pvp alone. Maybe p2w, but for me, it is too early in the game to notice. It is just lacking in events and other casual plays to complement the pvp aspect of the game.

Like the game but i dont believe the deployed towers should be out forever. Thats not fair nor fun. Thats why most game like this they have a cooldown before they self-destruct, please nerf them.
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  • Hello Conqueror It’s CastleCraft – World war. We sent your inquiry to the dev team and they will considering your opinion. We’ll do our best for make great game with your feedback! Thank you.

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