Cat Condo 2 – Go on a magical journey of collecting cats

[Game] Cat Condo 2

Cat Condo 2Welcome to Cat Condo 2!

The cat-tastic sequel is finally here! Double the fun!

Start by merging your kittens into adorable cute furry felines. Then grow your cat tree into a massive cat tower.

Collect tons of awesome items and parts for your cats including hats, bells, accessories and more. Cuteness guaranteed!

Build and customize to your liking. Everything can be changed including platform types, colors, and backgrounds.

Meow! Let’s go on a magical journey of collecting cats!

Cat Condo 2 user reviews :

I have played on my mums phone and I really love it! It is a really cute game where you merge cats to get new cats. My level on my mums phone is 27 I think my mum has gotten further ( My mum helped me! )

It’s so fun and the graphics are adorable!!!!every time I get bored I play this game! I would defiantly recommend to cat lovers

this game is on please so cute it’s adorable but sometimes it gets a little boring having to do the same thing it’s it’s a very good way to spend your time when you’re very bored and it’s definitely addicted so I definitely recommend this amazing cute game have fun.

Awesome! You can put the cats together to create a new cat. Also the ads dont bother me. I dont care about the ads.

So cute! Definitely an improvement on the first game with lots to do and by extension lots to buy.

This game is very chill and easy but it’s also very fun I know I don’t have a lot to say but download this game if your looking for something fun to do even if you don’t like cats.

Pretty fun and good for passing time. Wish there was a pause button, and not so many long ads just to get stuff, but over all pretty nice.

When I started out playing a month ago or so ago I loved this game, a great way to unwind – take your mind off things while achieving goals. ( New pieces for your tower & different cats) Unfortunately as time goes on I’ve gotten to the point where I can no longer ” build” my cat tower, am always 3-4 still locked cats ahead so progression in the game is VERY SLOW. I cannot even redo my tower much on level 38 because most enhancements r still locked. I do not play as much as I did.

I love this game! Although there are a few downsides like for example the ads, there are quiet a few ads in the game. But anyway, the art style is adorable and I like how they use actual cat breeds too, like Persian cats or Japanese Bob cats. All-in-all, its a great game.

Best. Game. Ever! Its so fun and so cute it keeps me occupied for ages. Also, all of the cute cats i get is so good!!

I love the game! its a great time killer, and its fun for everyone ( especially forcrazy cat ladies like me ). also that its one of the only games these days that dosent cost a Fortune to play, I admit the graphics aren’t the best, but there super cute! I really like how you can add accessories to the cats! it makes them look so much cuter! and I like that you can watch adds anytime to get something you need, I’d rate it a five out of five!

It’s so awesome! definitely a 5 star , I just started playing, It’s fun and a time killer! But it takes forever to get the 5th cat you earn and put another 5th cat together. BUT, I found a quick way, Just quickly tap the cat crate you get your cats in, now you don’t have to wait ten seconds

It seems inevitable to eventually have to watch ads to get anywhere and takes a really long time to progress after a certain point, and some of the ads fir the games represent them in a way that is more fun than they actually are, but the game it is really fun. I like the music too.

I enjoy the game alot. But it can be a vit daunting with trying to make matches the higher levels. Its basicly doing the same thing 5 million times. I love that you can customize the backgrounds and cat benches and such. Thats a lot of fun

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