Cat World – Make friends with other cats

[Game] Cat World – The RPG of cats

Cat World  World’s first MMORPG with cats!

Make friends with other cats!
There will be so much fun!

Features of Cat World

You can be a cat.
You can chat with others in realtime.
You can see others moving around you in realtime.
Cats dress up.

Cat World User Group

If you have any questions, please contact to the email address below.
MailTo: catworld[at]

Cat World user reviews :

It doesn’t work anymore. i reinstalled it twice, and it keeps saying that i can’t get in and the server might be under construction. I understand that, but i wanna play. Please fix this, if i misunderstood and the server is really under construction than sorry and I’ll change this review.

The game is great so far, aside from how high catnip prices is and having a hard time getting catnip. I’ve been having issues where the game messes up and I have to uninstall and reinstall the app. It use to not happen as much but now it happens at least twice a day. Other than that, the game is great!

V3.9.10 Your login and sign up is broken, I had to go to the Alis Network site to sign up, alas it still won’t let me login :( Please fix if possible, I’d really like to play this simulator and would happily pay real money for IAP from what I’ve seen of pictures and videos.

The game is amazing, I love this game! But there is one thing I have a huge problem with the game. There is WAY too much things for catnip! You can barely even get costumes, clothing, pets, or even dye, cause 98% of the stuff is bought with catnip. There has to be a way for us to get catnip easier, other than daily quests. Its unfair cause the only way you can get tons of catnip is to buy it. Other than that, the game is fun, its just that the catnip kinda ruins it.

This is the first time I’ve ever used this game.. first time I booted it up… I tried making an account and after trying the first time it came up with a giant text box with the words (Fatal Error) and it crashed it did this 2x and then after that I tried and it just wouldn’t work I tried two different emails and both wouldn’t work and then it threatened me that continuously making accounts would cause legal issues… but what accounts.. they all failed to go through so they don’t exist!

This game would been so fun, it kept having errors and now it reconizes it as spam. I would give it five stars when I will be able to try to make an account again. If this stays, I will never play this again, Unistalled.

I wanted to try up the game cause my friend said is fun! But the sign up always failed-

Hi your game is very fun to play ^w^ I hope there’s a way to get catnips easily though but still enjoy your game I hope there’s more places to explore Oh btw I had a problem my account just disappeared out of nowhere so how to fix it??? i can’t get my account back

Cant even make an account to play. I see other people have had an issue like this before. If you want people to actually play your game, actually allow them to sign up.

Doesn’t allow you to sign up. Gives an you an error after trying to sign up, makes the ID you’ve chosen unavailable and stops you from making “any more accounts.” Sketchy Af
  • Hanul Studio
  • Hello kitten, If you cannot make an account smoothly, please sign up the account on the website of Alis Network. Link: Thank you all the time!

I liked the game but when I tried playing today it changed the language multiple times and I could not turn the language back to English So that’s a one star…the people are nice though.

other than contacting being completely useless, this game is very great. just don’t have problems coz you’ll never get a response

Most people are really nice or they don’t talk I haven’t really had any major bugs I have had like 2 minor ones that haven’t bothered me really but I say this Is an amazing game!

It is really good I recommend it for all people that love cats and kitsunes

it’s a kitty game so I’m pretty sure I’ll like it but I dont know yet because it’s still downloading but I’m trying it and I’ll let you know when it finally decides to download

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