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[Game] CATAN World Explorers

CATAN World Explorers  Harvest. Trade. Build. Win. Make the world your gameboard!

A new GPS/location-based strategy game from the makers of Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Embark on your next great adventure and bring the beloved board game to life with CATAN – World Explorers. Experience the familiar world of CATAN with a modern twist through this location-based massive multiplayer global game!

*HARVEST Lumber, Wool, Grain, Brick, and Ore as you explore your world through the lens of CATAN.

TRADE and negotiate resources with in-game characters – careful, they might drive a hard bargain!

BUILD a huge selection of Buildings to improve personal and local settlements by playing Development Cards.

PLAY dice mini-games to earn bonuses and daily rewards!

WIN seasonal competitions by collaborating with your teammates to earn victory points.

Gather your family and friends, choose your faction, and formulate your strategy.
The world is your gameboard. Adventure awaits – embrace limitless curiosity with CATAN – World Explorers today!

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CATAN World Explorers user reviews :

Bugged UI, since beta they have fixed the graphics and some loading times only to worsen the rest of their issues. Great premise, yet lack of interesting content hidden behind worse Gold and RP rates only dampens the games feel of inflated progression. Not a good game. Make the Totems free to use.
  • Niantic, Inc.
  • Thank you for sharing. Your feedback is extremely valuable in helping us build a better experience. There’s a lot packed in here. We’ve love to hear more about what we can improve; can you visit our community forum ( to share more detailed feedback? Thanks from the Catan: World Explorers Team!

A really enjoyable augmented reality game based on the classic board game. Still has its bugs but there are regular updates and I like where it is going. Update: Sadly, as at 5 October it appears to be unplayable for me. I’m not sure if is an update in last day or so, but constant crashes are a frustration.

The game is well thing well now. I’ve found this game to be quite fun and have enjoyed playing it. Great game to head outdoors and explore the world. Every few weeks you can go to places and collect resources. Park play is a great way to get you moving through your local paro to collect resources. Honestly it’s a great game and hopefully with more and more stable versions we can all play together.
  • Niantic, Inc
  • Hi Kirbytime. Sorry to hear that you are unable to play. Have you tried clearing your cache? Some players with similar issues said that this worked. Please also feel free to submit a report in our community forum so we can have an engineer take a look: Thanks from the Catan – World Explorers Team
Game is relatively good and is a fun thing to do on our family walks. The Totems are a cool new feature but they are terribly glitchy. I don’t receive the tokens that are in Level up rewards and not often than not when I try to enter a settlement it says an error has occurred but it still removes the token :-(
  • Niantic, Inc.
  • Hi Catrina. Sorry to hear that you lost your Totem Tokens. We would like to get this issue in front of our developers. Can you file a bug in our community forum with screenshots of the issue you experienced? You can report a bug here: Thanks from the Catan – World Explorers Team
The game had issues the first time I tried to set it up, it crashed, but I successfully completed the tutorial the second time. On my Samsung Xcover 4 it lags and on one occassion when I reopened the game it asked me for permissions again. Game has bugs but the potential is there for a really good game. Would be nice to see the graphics refined so characters look less blocky and a touch more realistic.
  • Niantic, Inc.
  • Hi Anthea. Sorry to hear that the game crashed during the tutorial. Can you please provide us with more information on where it crashed? Feel free to chat with us here or chat with us on the Catan: World Explorers Community: Thanks from the Catan: World Explorers Team
Has great potential but few things need sorting. It BURNS through the battery. Like 60% in 30min. Samsung S9. And it won’t open at times. Response: yes it has improved but I’m back here as I needed to do another Uninstall and re install as it locks.
  • Niantic, Inc.
  • Hi Simon. We have been actively trying to improve battery usage. There have been some improvements with the latest update. Sorry to hear you have been losing 60% battery so quickly, that’s unacceptable. Have you noticed any improvements with the latest update? Thanks from the Catan – World Explorers Team

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