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Mathematics – Powerful calculation software

 Mathematics opera browser Mathematics : formula calculation with variables, sums, products and sequences solve equations (linear, quadratic, cubic, transpose) plot functions, derivate, integrate, calculate roots and extremas (polynomial, rational, exponential, etc) calculate tangent, asymptote, interception reconstruction: calculate f(x) by given roots, points or extremas f(x,y) plot …

Math Formulas – Find everything about mathematics

Math Formulas Offline opera browser Math Formulas is very useful maths formulas that serve as a quick reference. You will not forget maths formulas any more. This app is everything you need. Perfect app for college and high school students. You will find everything about mathematics …

ReactionFlash – Great way to learn named reactions

ReactionFlash opera browser ReactionFlash : Want to refresh your memory on named chemical reactions before an exam or a group meeting? Get all the details with ReactionFlash as a great way to learn named reactions, understand their mechanisms and view examples published in peer-reviewed literature. Designed …

IELTS Preparation – Now you can practice

IELTS Preparation jw library IELTS Preparation : Hello Users ! Welcome to the much-awaited Android version of IELTS Practice Test Sessions of all the four modules – Reading – Writing – Listening – Speaking is now accessible on your mobile device and tablets. Now you can …

Aptitude Test and Preparation – Enhance your aptitude skills

Aptitude Test and Preparation , Tricks & Practice snapchat Aptitude Test and Preparation the best aptitude app with solutions and short tricks to enhance your aptitude skills and to sharpen your brain. This ‘maths tricks app’ is created with the aim of promoting aptitude that helps …

IQ and Aptitude Test Practice – Call it Intelligence test

IQ and Aptitude Test Practice jw library IQ and Aptitude Test Practice : Call it Intelligence test, IQ test, aptitude test, or psychometric test, they are used in schools, admission exams, and job interviews to assess the ability of applicants in processing information. This free IQ …

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