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Download free Productivity Apps for Android

Keeper – You can express yourself clearly

Keeper – Note taking  jw library   Keeper aim to removes distractions. Giving you a calm, focused, writing space, so you can express yourself clearly. It gives you speed and efficiency when you write notes, save e-mails, or jot down quick ideas. Simple means it does …

Note-ify – Keep your notes in order

Note-ify – Note Taking & Document Sharing  jw library   Note-ify : Create Beautiful Notes Create stunning notes with a wide variety of rich text formatting options. Images can be inserted into your notes or take a photo with your camera and add it directly into …

Transno – Simple way to organize your tasks with tags

Transno – Outlines, Notes, Mind Map  jw library   Transno is a multi-function app that helps you: Learn by doing, best way to manage your notes One click to create, share and demonstrate your mind map Collect your thoughts, help a wonderful creation Simple way to …

Syncthin Fork – Brings major enhancements

Syncthin Fork jw library Syncthin Fork : This is a fork of the Syncthing-Android wrapper for Syncthing that brings major enhancements like: Folder, device and overall sync progress can easily be read off the UI. “Syncthing Camera” – an optional feature (with optional permission to use …

Mapit Spatial – Manage and share your data easily

Mapit Spatial – GIS Data Collector jw library Mapit Spatial application is the similar to our popular Mapit GIS data collector functionality with completely redesigned data management approach. The app is designed to be simple and light, driven by new OGC file format for storing spatial …

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