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Download free Action Games for Android

Onraid – Develop your own play style and tactics

Onraid – Online PVP Brawl i am innocent Onraid is mmo, free multiplayer 2D shooter with online PVP battle. Where you are free to develop your own play style and tactics to destroy your enemies. Onraid offers intense battle modes, a varied set of character classes …

Superhero Fight – Loyalty and friendship can win this battle

Superhero Fight Sword Battle – Action RPG Premium (free from limited time) free apps android Superhero Fight offer you: Unlock Cliff hero. Free 200 diamonds. Free 10.000 golds. No interstitial ads. Fighting to save Earth from the robot monsters, join battle to fight monster army as …

Dark Prison – Humanity is plunged into chaos

Dark Prison – Last Soul of PVP Survival Action free android apps Dark Prison : Attention Survivors! After an unknown virus outbreak devastates the earth, humanity is plunged into chaos. Your daughter is found to have immunity in her DNA. A group of mercenaries – called …

Rumble League – Master and hone your skills

Rumble League (Early Access) free apps android Rumble League is a thrilling new team-based shooter you can play with friends around the world. Every match is a quick multiplayer showdown, pitting a diverse cast of Superstars against each other in an epic, globe-spanning tournament FEATURES Real-time …

Armored Squad – See you on the battlefield

Armored Squad free android apps Armored Squad is a fast paced online action with mechs, robots and tanks with colorful graphics. Grab your friends and join online PVP battles! Or play 60 offline levels and play against AI bots : no internet required! Fight with lasers, …

Jurassic Dinosaur – You can control the dinosaur move

Jurassic Dinosaur – City rampage i am innocent Welcome to Jurassic Dinosaur city rampage You will play as T-Rex who will destroy all city in the world. Even the strongest army can’t stop you. The Jurassic Period is reminded by cool dinosaurs: Velociraptor, Triceratops, Dimorphodon, Pteranodon, …

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