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Celeb Chef  Hello, crazy cooking games enthusiasts!

Do you love playing fast-paced time-management  Restaurant Cooking Games? Do you dream of becoming a Master Chef of the culinary world? Do you dream to be surrounded by celebrities all the time? Then here is a lovely opportunity to own a restaurant that lets you cook and serve delicious food to international celebrities. Yes, you read it right! Put on your apron and wear your best smile, because you are just a click away from being a Celebrity Chef .

After the crazy success and love for our other Indian cooking games, Masala Express and Masala Madness, Cympl thought of going international this time. Presenting our new online cooking games, Celeb Chef: Serving The Celebrities, where you will be serving the celebrities from across the globe in this fast-paced time-management Restaurant Cooking Games !

Rose is an ardent chef who loves to cook delicious food. Her dream is to become the best celebrity chef in the world . She has started her own restaurant exclusively for celebrities across the world. Her restaurant business is getting lots of fame for her delicious food recipes and amazing hospitality. But as she is growing upwards  and becoming more & more famous, she needs you to help her with your cooking and time-management expertise to run this cooking business successfully. Be a part of her cooking journey & help make her dreams come true .

Show your culinary skills by cooking and serving delicious food to celebrities. Dash through the challenging levels to unlock tasty new cuisines. Collect gems & rewards and use the powerful boosters to serve food fast. Upgrade and decorate your kitchen as you prefer to be able to take up tough challenges.

So, unleash the crazy chef in you , dish out the cooking fever and show your cooking madness to become a celebrity chef in this FUN and RELAXING highly addictive Restaurant Cooking Games  for girls as well as boys.


Cook & Serve delicious food to international celebrities across the globe!
Use powerful boosters to serve food fast and handle celebrity’s tantrums!
Upgrade & Decorate Kitchen!
300+ exciting levels and 100+ delicious recipes to cook & serve!
FREE to Play Restaurant Cooking Games with simple tap-tap controls!!
A challenging fast-paced time-management online cooking games with levels and recipes!

Cook delicious cuisines from all over the world for our international celebrity customers.
Serve them fast and yet in style to keep up with their tantrums.

Finish levels to unlock the next international cuisines.
Enjoy the process of cooking & baking different dishes like Grilled and fried Chicken, Tofu and Salmon, French Fries, Garlic Bread, Pizza, Ravioli, Salads, Hamburger, Lasagna, and Tasty Juices

Collect rewards & gems to upgrade your kitchen appliances to serve delicious food faster.
Choose among a variety of carpets, tables & chairs and other décors to decorate your restaurant.

Use powerful boosters to cook the madness in style & serve celebrities in express speed.

Combine your cooking, serving & time management skills to serve celebrities before they leave.
This restaurant cooking game has simple TAP controls.
A unique kitchen cooking games with levels and recipes.

This app offers in-app purchases.

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Celeb Chef user reviews :

I loved it in the beginning. But, when I go to choose my daily gift, I am unable to. The game will freeze and not respond. Also, you are only able to play for so long before running out of groceries and having to wait. There should be a gift after passing so many levels (10)of 50-75 groceries.
  • Cympl Studios
  • Thanks for reporting the problem to us, Shonda. We’ll share this with our team and update you on the same
I can’t find a way to see recipes after being shown the one time. You need a way to review them. Sadly, I forgot one and could never figure it out again and lost over and over because I could not fill orders.
  • Cympl Studios
  • Thanks for your suggestion, Wendy! We’ll share this with our team right away!
Why can’t you make it that if I play the stage and I won on that stage. I don’t loose 10 vegetable baskets instead. And then if I loose that’s when the 10 vegetable baskets I loose them. If I won they are staying so that I could play it more and more.
  • Cympl Studios
  • Thanks for reporting the problem to us, Bokang. We’ll share this with our team and update you on the same
When we switch off the music and sound, the sound stays active after we complete each game. And also the touch of the juice container isn’t good. Usually doesn’t work. Please fix this. Otherwise rest of the characters and items are good. Work on the game’s smoothness.
  • Cympl Studios
  • Hurts to hear this about our cooking game! How can we do better? Please share your detailed feedback with us at customersupport[at]cymplstudios.com. Waiting to hear from you! Team Cympl
This is really sad…like really come on….like why don’t we get rewards for passing a level…meaning no matter if we win we run out of groceries to keep playing….you really don’t win gems either….I haven’t even made it to level 12 yet and they have wanting me to buy stuff since the 4 level..and I am on level 10
  • Cympl Studios
  • Thank you Annie for the review. We’ll share this with our team. Please write to us at customersupport[at]cymplstudios.com with any more suggestions you may have
Not quite happy as 3rd and 4th cuisines or restaurants are same as masala express and as I have played that game to the end I’m bored after the 1st 2 cuisines now,hoping for new cuisines.
  • Cympl Studios
  • Sorry to hear you feel this way. Our gameplay and challenges are quite different. However, we take user feedback very seriously and will share your concern with our team right away.
This is a very good game however it gets very challenging and you need to be prepared to watch an ad after each level to double your coins and to use a guaranteed tip boost if you want to play for free. I dont mind watching ads and I like a challege, so it’s ideal for me. Nearly completed the first venue and all 3 stars so far. Upgrading will take time and patience however this is not pay to win, its work hard to win, but win you can. Thank you for the fun game and I hope everybody is well.
  • Cympl Studios
  • Hi Chef Samantha, We are glad to know that you like our game. We will keep working to provide a good user experience. You can follow us on Facebook to get the latest information. Your appreciation gives us great encouragement to do better. Please tell your friends about the game and what they are missing out on. ;) Regards, Team Cympl

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