Chain Surfer

[Game] Chain Surfer: Next time you see a chain I bet some of you will be tempted

– Touch Arcade ★★★★


We cannot be held responsible for the repercussions of any attempt to replicate Chain Surfing in real life. All dental bills and associated medical costs must be incurred at your own risk.

**End of Fictitious Legal Schpeel**

Can You Tame The Chain?

Easy to play, yet tricky to master, Chain Surfer will challenge the senses of even the most avid gamer. Three different game modes, each with its own amateur and professional setting offers every gamer the opportunity to enjoy chain surfing, without the risk of serious injury!

Perfect a variety of tricks utilising the innovative ‘Tricktionary’ before entering the game. Unlock numerous achievements in Openfeint and even brag to your friends through Facebook and Twitter!

Complete an unlimited series of levels in Challenge Mode, smash the leader boards with huge multiplier combos in Freestyle and last as long as you can in Against The Clock, all accompanied by a fresh and street soundtrack.

Challenging all your skills Chain Surfer, is controlled through the use of tilting, touch screen gestures and the need for perfect timing, all aided with the help of our original Trick Timing Indicator [TTI].


Tricks include Air Time, Air Walk, Hang 5, Hang 10, Front Flip, Back Flips, 180’s, 360’s, Hand Plants, Double Hand Plants and can be completed from a variety of angles both front and back facing.

However, fail and wipe out and expect a face plant or two!

Chain Surfer will keep you coming back time after time, however we are constantly improving the game and as such we would love to hear from you with your suggestions and feedback, so please keep the 5 star ratings coming and more updates will follow!

Thanks for your support!

For more info or any technical support:
Twitter: @chainsurfer

Download Chain Surfer :

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