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Champions of Avan  The fate of Avan is yours to write.

From small acorns great oaks grow. In this idle miner game you start with a small and humble village, tucked away in a shadowy corner of the land of Rokmyer, and are tasked with building it up into a grand and prosperous city deserving of a place of pride on both the map of the land and in the pages of history books.

Starting with just a few units at your disposal, source the materials you need to build bigger and better, loot the gold required to afford grander structures and slay those who dare stand in your way. This is the town of Avan and, with the right balance of wisdom and ambition, you could grow it into something great.

Collect resources to grow your city!
A small kingdom or a colossal empire? In this idle mining game you can grow your town into either, or anything else you dream of! With diverse resources such as wood, stone and gold at your disposal, as well as a wealth of medieval technology, the only thing holding you back is your own ambition.

Conquer enemies!
Deadly enemies, like the vicious Mountain Sentinels and the terrifying Dragonling Mother, dominate the land. They won’t go down without a fight so, to get your hands on their gold, you’ll need to brandish the best weapons and wear the strongest armor as you march into one epic battle after another!

Recruit and personalize your heroes!
In this action RPG you will encounter incredible heroes and recruit them into your roster! From the gung-ho Inyen to the creepy Xaphan to the mysterious Ayabe, they all have unique ways of aiding your progress- bringing exciting levels of depth and strategy to the genre of ‘idle game.’

Explore distant lands!
Your village is part of Rokmyer, a world full of resources for you to collect and take advantage of. From lakes and swamps to mountain valleys and shadowy forests, they all have assets for the taking- but not without trial, challenge and combat. This is a mining game where the fate of an entire city is in your hands, so pray you can face the darkness that this world will throw your way…

New and fresh ideas, diverse idle gameplay, and monsters that will make your skin crawl- Champions of Avan is an adventure that has it all. Grow your village, become a top collector of RPG heroes, and do whatever else it takes to build a legacy.

Champions of Avan user reviews :

Hi i’m one of the earlier gamer who waiting for this game to be release. Yes, the concept of the game is good and unique. I think none other games have the same concept with this game. Only trouble is, after some battles at least two battles, you have to wait the warriors to recover their healths unless you have the potions to heal fast, and it’s not easy to get the potion. In the meantime, I have nothing to do. Just waiting until the warriors fully recovered and its boring. Thank you.
  • Early Morning Studio
  • Hello, thank you for downloading Champions of Avan and for your feedback. The game is at its early stages at the moment but we have many interesting features planned for the future. You can also send us your suggestions to or post them on our Discord. All the best, Paulina

It’s a good game, but resource mining is a very slow grind. You will need to invest in increasing idle time and be prepared to let the game idle for a day or two at a time to build resources. Don’t expect to play much without spending $. I’d also like to see base stat increases when leveling up. Instead all attack and defense comes from equipment. More random encounters to help gain gold and weapons would be nice. Also, don’t be so stingy with the gold mining.

Fantastic game, love it so far. Very nice graphics. Tutorial is short and to the point. The characters could use some more variety in skill. This is a game that takes time to play and build your camp and squad, and keeps you coming back. It’s not meant to be easy in the context where you can just breeze through. It requires strategy of character placement in the combat system and exploration. Keep up the good work guys!

I really enjoy this so far. It is a very cool game. The downside is the wait times, like others have said, but I understand that it is an idle game. The artwork is excellent and the overall concept is also excellent. I adore the dark imagery! If wait times were shorter then it would be perfect like Vampire’s Fall. Keep rocking, Developers!

Interesting game, with lots of different enemies to battle. Only given 4 stars at the moment, as the resource gathering is skewed – it takes so much longer to get stone than wood., and as for gold – there needs to be a facility to upgrade the gold mine to allow for more than one gold every 3-5 mins, especially as the wagons are so much slower as well.

The game is awesome just like the other one but I can’t upgrade equipment and it seems the resources gathering vs cost to upgrade is unproportionate. Granted I’ve only gone through 4 areas so far but still it’s so expensive to upgrade and the output of resources take a lot of time to gather. I’ve been waiting for 3 days to get enough resources to level up my castle. That’s too long to wat and do only a few things and then wait again. Also the travel time is so slow. Love this game tho!

This game is like a very slow clicker. In a good way: I need to gather resources in order to upgrade my buildings. I can expand my territory by fighting monsters. The number of heroes I can have depends on how upgraded my buildings are. If I want additional coins/resources, I can watch ads. Otherwise ads are not invasive into gameplay. Haven’t seen the opportunity to retire a hero yet, maybe it comes later. So far it’s gloomy and fantasy style – I like it)

A good game. Waiting times are decent. I have seen worse. 2 issue, sometimes, the ad for rewards button is stuck at “Loading Ads”,, and the mines/sawmills are almost indistinguishable from the rest of the land, please highlight it and make it noticeable,2 suggestions, please add an option to double the idle income by watching ads, and add an option to pay gold to send the hero party to the Chest/Fight immediately, just like the option to pay gold to call the party back to the castle immediately.

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